10 Superhero Movie Sequels That Never Happened

Sometimes it is surprising when Hollywood gets away from some movie sequels that we wish we could see on big screens. We are going to look at movie sequels which were supposed to happen, but never saw the light. So, today we are counting down on ten superhero movie sequels that were canceled.

Incredible Hulk Sequel    

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Fans for so long have demanded a Planet Hulk movie but instead, the iconic storyline got reduced to a subplot in Thor Ragnarok as the studio does not have the full rights to the character and they would have to sit down with Universal for another Solo Hulk Movie.

Fantastic Four 2

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Fantastic Four 2 was criticized for its bad production with confusing visual effects. After weeks of discussion, this time everybody was expecting this sequel to be better than the previous one. With a total budget of $120 million, the film only garnered $168 million. Despite the amount, the sequel was in the process, but the plans vanished mysteriously.

 I Am Number Four 2

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I Am Number Four 1, struggled at the box office, garnering only $150 million dollars on a total budget of $50 million dollars. It was expected to cross $500 million dollars, but it did not reach even near to it. It was especially a sad news for those who wanted to know about the life of John Smith, the alien from another planet. 

Green Lantern 2

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Upon its release, the Green Lantern was a long awaited film and DC had plans to extend its universe with the film. But the movie was panned by the critics and became a box-office disaster. The studio soon canceled the sequel plans and started working for The Man of Steel and the movies helped DC to extend its universe in a good manner. A Green Lantern Corps movie was announced later and we would have to wait long for it. And moreover, Ryan Reynolds is now Deadpool!

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

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Since the Spider-Man 4 failed to happen, the studio took an initiative to reboot the franchise and that’s how The Amazing Spider-Man happened. The movie was much better than expected and was a box-office winner. However, its sequel (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) failed to impress the audiences. Two more sequels were under consideration, but the audiences seemed less interested and the studio canceled their sequel plans. Spider-Man finally got a new life in the MCU and made its debut in Captain America: Civil War.

 Dredd 2

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Spectacular story writer of 28 Days Later and Ex Machina, Alex Garland was pretty excited about to take Dredd at the top of Box office charts, the story narration turned out to be very dark. On a $45 million dollar budget, the film could even cross its budget, grossing only $41.5 million.

Hancock 2

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As we all know Will Smith’s Hancock movie did not do well when it came out, but still people became fans of the character because of Will Smith and did want the character to be properly done in a second movie, but sadly no one along with Will Smith was interested in making a sequel.

Punisher 2

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When the first Punisher movie came in 2004, both the director and the and the actor, Thomas Jane, were very much interested in doing a sequel right from where the first movie ended. Later, Thomas Jane pulled out from the film due to multiple rewrites and Lexi Alexander was signed as the new director and he cast Ray Stephenson for the movie which came in 2006 which was actually a reboot rather than a sequel.

Batman Unchained

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After the nuclear explosion by Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, WB still wanted a sequel. The movie was supposed to be called Batman Unchained or Batman Triumphant and Scarecrow was considered as the main villain along with the cameos of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, Jim Carrey’s Riddler, and more. The movie was scheduled to be released in 1999 but it never happened. WB pursued Batman One storyline and Chris Nolan was signed up as the new director and we got the best Batman trilogy instead.

John Carter 2

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Well, it seemed like Disney had already been counting the chickens before they emerged in the world when talking about its first part. The studio could able to get to a strong marketing plan to promote John Carter. And another biggest mistake was that they removed the “Of Mars” from the main title. Now was is it possible to catch up the title?

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