10 Amazing Facts About The Ultimates – Superhero Team That Might Replace The Avengers

The Ultimates is a superhero team that is formed of a new breed of superheroes. They are a pretty young force compared to the Avengers, the first and foremost superhero team and the Earth’s mightiest heroes in the marvel Comic book Universe. The Ultimates, even though a younger team in terms of experience and popularity, has been steadily making the rounds in the top most fan circles of being the supposed successors to the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. There is still a lot of ground for them to cover but given the stupendous spurt in fame they have accumulated in a span of mere four years has indicated that the Ultimates are destined for great things and will have a bright future ahead. But to replace the Avengers, the Ultimates need to cover up several extra miles and reach enormous milestones to even be worthy of being even considered to be a successor. We are sure they will, which is why you must know about them beforehand. Presenting – 10 Amazing facts about the Ultimates – Superhero team that might replace the Avengers.

 1. The core members

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Ultimates consist of five members – Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Miss America. They are the heroes that protect Earth from threats coming out of the cold vacuum of space. They also often indulge themselves in adventures that lead them to save entire universes from being destroyed. The Ultimates have partnered up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Quasar and even Hyperion, a Superman knockoff from another marvel Universe, to fight the bad guys. They are a pretty well-known force in the comic book community.

 2. The team is literally made up of underdogs

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The current iteration of the Ultimates consists of Blue Marvel, Miss America, Spectrum, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Blue Marvel was a very powerful superhero who saved the world from the wrath of the Anti-Man, a super villain with planetary threat level. But he was side-lined after he was revealed to be an African American and it was the height of the Civil Rights movement. Blue Marvel is actually one of the strongest superheroes of the Marvel Universe, someone who can give even Sentry a run for his money. Similarly, Spectrum and Miss America are also very powerful superheroes who never got a chance to shine. The only ones who escape the Underdog clause are Captain Marvel and Black Panther, who only got the recognition they deserved after featuring in the MCU.

 3. Their first victory was over Galactus

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Ultimates were formed to fight the cosmic super villain called Galactus, a being from a previous universe who now devours entire planets to satiate his insatiable hunger. After Galactus decided to fight the Ultimates, who stood in his way, the team managed to turn the tables around and forced Galactus into entering a machine called the Incubator. The Incubator turned the Devourer of Worlds into a Creator of Worlds. After Galactus’ Hunger was quenched, the first thing he did as the Life-Bringer was restore the planet Archeopia back to its former state. Archeopia was the first ever planet that was consumed by Galactus.

 4. They are more compassionate than the Avengers

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

A superhero seldom feels pity for his or her arch-nemesis. Same goes for the case of Blue Marvel. His mortal enemy, Anti-Man, was a being that could manipulate energy and almost always fought Blue Marvel who stopped him from conquering the world. After Blue Marvel became a member of the Ultimates, he once again encountered Anti-Man in outer space. This time too, all Blue Marvel was thinking of was a chance to kill the villain once and for all. He decided against it after the Ultimates and his son managed to convince him to be the better man. The Ultimates ended up helping Anti-Man heal and put his dismembered anatomy back into a single piece.

 5. They have saved America from Hydra

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

A lot of the other superheroes were busy creating a line of defence in outer space to stop the incoming Chitauri Armada from laying waste to our planet. So naturally, Earth was left unguarded since there was a shortage of Superhero manpower. Hydra wanted to use this opportunity to cover the entire North American Peninsula with an energy shield and launch a full-scale invasion. If it were not for the Ultimates, the victorious heroes who defeated the Chitauri would have returned to a world that was now controlled by Hydra.

 6. An evil version of Mister Fantastic is their greatest threat

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Maker is actually Reed Richards of a different universe who went evil and used technology to augment his already incredible intellect. The result was – an evil genius who can never be out-smarted, not even by Reed Richards of the mainstream continuity itself. When the Maker teamed up with the High Evolutionary to destroy the Super Flow, a process that keeps the Multi-Verse stable, the Ultimates of Earth – 66 and Earth – 610 united to fight the new threat! They won but the Maker managed to escape with Earth – 1610’s Ultimates team in hot pursuit.

 7. How the team came into existence

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

There actually is a team called the Ultimates that appeared in the early 2000s in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. They were supposed to be a modernized rendition of the Avengers that appealed to a modern audience. But the new Ultimates team has only one similarity with that team – the name itself, and everything else is entirely different. Their histories alone and the mission of the team are also very distinctive. The new Ultimates team was formed as an idea after Captain Marvel put forth the idea that there needs to be a superhero task force that could handle threats from outer space before they could have the chance to harm the planet, using both violent and non-violent tactics whenever necessary.

 8. They are meant to inspire

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Ultimates appeared first in 2015 and were inspired from an idea by Al Ewing back in 2015. The team although conceptualized as a replacement for the battered Avengers, were actually designed to pay homage to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and carry on their legacy. The Avengers were formed at the time of war and inspired millions to appreciate and join the armed forces. The Ultimates came into the scene to address an issue that now plagues the world like War did – Racism. The Ultimates includes a lot of racially and culturally diverse character and intends to inspire children to be open and supportive of all people irrespective of race, caste, creed, colour and religion.

 9. The MCU might have already hinted at their arrival

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

Two of the five members of the team already exist. Captain Marvel has had multiple appearances in several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and even has her own solo movie. First appearing in Civil War, Black Panther also has had his fair share of appearances in the MCU. Blue Marvel has been recently sported a lot in several major comic book storylines like Civil War II and Secret Wars. Monica Rambaeu aka Spectrum already exists in the MCU, played by the young Akira Akbar in the Captain Marvel movie. The only one that is left out is Miss America, who is supposedly getting her own solo movie in future phases of the MCU.

 10. The Multiverse concept could still be alive

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

A huge part of the Ultimates list of objectives is not just fighting space based threats but also threats from other realities and timelines. The Multi-Verse concept, which was smashed to pieces in Spiderman: Far From Home, could still come into the MCU if Marvel plays its cards right. Since the Ultimates might be fighting the Maker, a villain hailing from another reality, there is still hope.


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