Nick Fury to Return in 3 More MCU Films Including Captain Marvel 2

Spider-Man: Far From Home certainly wasn’t the last movie where Samuel L. Jackson appeared as Nick Fury. Considering the way that the film ended, he most certainly will be appearing in multiple more MCU films. Far From Home set up a major cosmic future for him and the MCU as well. Without giving it away, let me give you the obligatory Spoiler warning first.

The following article contains Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home & but if you wanna know the post-credits scene of the film, then you’re very welcome to continue reading!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Nick Furry Marvel

The Nick Fury that we saw throughout Spider-Man’s missions in Europe was revealed to be a Skrull in the post-credits scene. In fact, it was Talos & his wife Soren who were filling in for Fury & Maria Hill respectively. While the threat of the Elementals continued on Earth, Fury was revealed to be leading Skrulls on a space ship.

Spider-Man Nick Furry Marvel

This space ship at first seemed to be SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department), busy with monitoring the cosmic threats and wipe them out. Well monitoring the threats it was, but not as SWORD. We got a major hint upon Nick Fury’s purpose of being on the Space Station when he revealed himself as the Man on the Wall.

This is actually a major role in the Marvel Comics, and we assume that Fury seems to have picked up his comic book persona here. As comic nerds may know, Fury wasn’t the first Man in the Wall, but he has been portraying this role for quite a lot of time. Fury had to keep this side role of him as a secret with SHIELD and even the heroes as it needed him to protect Earth from cosmic threats at any cost. That only meant that he had to take hard decisions which may be less than heroic, and would most certainly be waivered by the kind-hearted heroes who’d never trade one life to save millions.

During Marvel’s Original Sin event, written by Jason Aaron, Fury came clean about everything he has done as the Man on the Wall and here’s how he described his job:

“I’ve killed… More times than I can count. I’ve burned worlds. Destabilized galaxies. Dethroned gods. And I did it without any of them even knowing my name. That’s what it means to be the man on the wall. To be the invisible monster who keeps the other monsters at bay.”

Captain Marvel Nick Fury MCU

So if he is to continue as the Man on the Wall, then we can assume that he will be in the MCU for the foreseeable future. Since there Skrulls present on the space station, we can also assume that Fury will be present in the second Captain Marvel movie. Moreover, the close sources of We Got This Covered also claim this.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Nick Furry Marvel

WGTC has even gone on to tell us how many more appearances could we expect Nick Fury to make in the future MCU films. According to them, Fury will be appearing in Captain Marvel 2, Spider-Man 3 & the New Avengers movie, where he will pass on the torch to a new team of heroes supposedly led by Captain Marvel & Black Panther.

Appearing in 3 more MCU films will bring his total appearances to 14. Now his roles in all the Marvel films haven’t been very sizable, but his presence still counts as a movie appearance. So, with 14 appearances, Samuel L. Jackson will surely become the actor to have appeared in the most number of films of a franchise. If Fury ends up lasting in the MCU for years after 2025, then he’d also take over the record of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart for having the longest tenure as a Superhero character. Let’s just hope that Marvel continues to have Samuel L. Jackson for as long as possible because Uncle Sam is total fun!

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