X-Men: Dark Phoenix – New Look At Mutant Paradise ‘Genosha’ Revealed

I don’t know about you (But, I do care) but I’m pretty excited about X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The sole reason is I want to see the extreme powers of the Phoenix force. Because I think not a lot of people are varied of the powers of Jean Grey and also maybe this time Fox isn’t going to disappoint us. As this is the last film of this famous franchise. There are a lot of things in the world of X-Men but there’s a place which is really famous. Yes, Genosha is the place about which we are talking here. The exclusive look of this island nation in the X-Men universe has been revealed through the release of a picture from the sets of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

In the picture, we can see Michael Fassbender’s Magneto and Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey are doing some sort of training. And, by their body language, we can get an idea that maybe they’re learning to control the extreme levels of their respective powers. The picture has made its way online and fans are getting really restless after seeing this one. Recently, during Ace Comic-Con, it was Fassbender who was sitting on a panel and has talked about his character’s role on the Genosha island. As he explained that,

“Well I think, you know, Genosha’s a pretty cool idea and always it’s that thing with Magneto, you can’t really argue with his philosophies in some ways, but his methods, of course, are very extreme,” Fassbender explains. “But what he’s done in Genosha is kind of cool because he’s sort of stepped out of the conflict, if you will, and said, ‘Okay, you know, just give us this place that’s our own and just leave us be and we’ll be self-sufficient and anybody who’s willing to sort of not bring violence to the area and sort of pitch in and do their part, then they have a home there and they’re welcome there.’

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And I think, you know, it’s a pretty cool philosophy. And there’s only something that happens outside of Genosha that sort of drags him away from this place that he’s set up. But it was cool when [director] Simon Kinberg was developing Genosha and we were walking around it and it’s like, it’s sort of off-the-grid, self-sustained community. It’s pretty beautiful. But then of course, then you see the other side of him once he makes the decision to do something it’s going big or go home.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The introduction of this place right in the final movie is a really amazing decision. There is a dark story of this island and no wonder fans of comics are really excited to see this one. So, we all are excited about this movie and this inclusion has simply increased our interest in the film.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going to release on June 7th.

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