10 Awesome Films You May Have Missed

In a recent survey, it was found that an average viewer spends approximately 10 – 15 minutes per day scrolling through Netflix, to search for a good movie. If the latter is taken into consideration, an average viewer spends 70 minutes a week and approximately 89 hours a month in doing so. The need for watching a good movie helps one relax and gain some perspective about life. Many believe that the time spent on searching movies on Netflix is a conspiracy to dull one’s mind and strip the essence of life. But we believe that for many it is just a way of finding a good movie and add to their must-watch with friends or loved ones. These are not popular because of the use of a budget cast, but the way the movie has been directed and the execution is extremely commendable. Presenting 10 awesome films you may have missed.

Cockney’s Vs Zombies

awesome films you may have missed
awesome films you may have missed

This is a British zombie comedy that showcases the events of a virus outbreak that happens in Britain and how a boy with his friends makes his way through the chaos to his grandfather, who is the only family he has. The movie entails a group of teenagers and oldies who fight the hoard of zombies to make their way to safety while causing havoc along the way through humor.

The Nice Guys

Awesome Films You May Have Missed
Awesome Films You May Have Missed

Set in the 1970s the movie revolves around the case of a missing girl being pursued by a cop and a private investigator. The duo while on the mission gets involved in the crime of the century. The Crow – Gosling duo is a perfect match for the script, as the movie progresses on with a wonderful sense of humor and an interesting narrative. This criminal comedy was considered one of the best productions of 2016.

Swiss Army Man

Hank finds himself deserted on an island and soon enough starts losing the will to live. On one fine day, he decides to end his life, when he sees the corpse of a young man named Manny lying on the beach. Kind of cliched to find a corpse on a beach, I know but Manny is a different kind of corpse and helps Hank survive the ordeal and get back his life. The events of the narrative may sound absurd, but the movie is being directed in an extremely smart way with a key socially moral hidden notion. It is worth seeing Daniel Radcliffe playing the role of a multi-utility corpse.


Directed around true events, the story is about the legendary Afro-American athlete Jesse Owens, whose never say die attitude brought him to the global stage of the 1936 Olympics hosted in Nazi Germany. Despite multiple struggles and breakdowns, with his community not backing him. Jesse Owens goes to the Olympics in Germany and shows the world that sports are higher than any color or race. He challenges the most horrible regime of the last century with just his skill and hard work alone and manages to win the hearts of millions. A sports drama that will leave no indifference in the consciousness of its viewers.

A Man Called Ove

Awesome Films You May Have Missed

A Swedish blockbuster based on one of the best settling books in Sweden and has been viewed by a large majority of the Swedish population. Ove is an old nerd and a replica of Sheldon Cooper from the American TV Show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ based in Sweden. He is a stern follower of his own laid down rules and expects others around him to do the same. The reason for this is that he misses his late wife and wishes to meet her in heaven, because of which he devises a plan for committing suicide. But how can he commit suicide with a noisy international family residing close to his residence?

Sing Street

It is another musical movie based in the 1980s. Connor’s family matters are quite strained and because of monetary issues decide to transfer him to a public school. Connor falls for a mysterious girl and plans to start a band to impress this mysterious damsel of his dreams. The movie revolves around first love, passion, growing up, and of course music.


The main character of the movie Davis seems to be going through a life-altering crisis after he finds out about his wife passing away in a car accident. Post this event he is unable to feel any emotion around him, either for himself or towards anybody else. Except for an overwhelming desire to destroy anything and everything around him including the house he stays in. This is a multidimensional narrative with several genres being included in the same story. The cast and the director of the movie did a damn good job at displaying a complex emotional message with the help of this film.

Captain Fantastic

Awesome Films You May Have Missed
Awesome Films You May Have Missed

Ben is the father of a very unique family of six kids, who he has been taking care of all alone. They abide far away from the civilization and raise their children with a firm philosophy of strict, physical, and intellectual education including disciplines like mathematics, literature, and philosophy. A family tragedy forces the father and the 6 kids to move across the country and the father is forced with the dilemma of how to prepare his kids to face the society with which they have never interacted before.

The movie is a very well-directed philosophic drama about family matters and the upbringing of children of different age groups.

Flight Crew

It is a Russian movie about a die-hard young and extremely skilled aviation pilot by the name of Alex Gushchin, who has an obsession with the sky and flying. But life has different plans for him and brings him to a point in his life where he needs to decide whether or not he should risk his life to save the lives of hundreds of other passengers. The movie keeps the viewers submerged in suspense right from the start to the end and makes the viewers empathize with the different characters in the movie.


Awesome Films You May Have Missed
Awesome Films You May Have Missed

This is one of the best scripted animated movies the viewers might not have seen in a long time. Zootopia is a Metropolis with every kind of animal as its citizen and the city divided into different sectors depending on the different sizes of animals. Police officer Judy has just been deputed to this metropolis and encounters a wily fox named Nick. The story progresses with both of them getting dragged in a big scheme that might threaten the very existence of the animals in the metropolis.

The movie will make the viewers both laugh and cry and make them genuinely concerned about the characters in the movie. It is a perfect film for both adults and kids alike.


Thinking of any other movie that we might have missed, please leave your valuable feedback in the column below and stay tuned for another interesting blog at QuiryByte.

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