List of Stars Who Play PubG

Stars Who Play PubG: 

Almost everyone plays this game in their free time but there are very few people who publicly talk about it, especially when they are the celebrity. We have listed below four big celebrities who play PubG who are also considered as one of the best gamers.

 1. Demetrious Johnson

Stars Who Play PubG

He is a professional MMA fighter. In his free time, he loves to play this game. Not only this, he even loves to talk about this game to his fellow teammates or his fans more than his profession.

 2. Deadmau5

Stars Who Play PubG

For someone who is always surrounded by technology, it’s a no big deal for him to be a PubG lover. He loves to play this game in his time and not only this he also likes to play duos with the famous streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek.

 3. Neymar

Stars Who Play PubG

As we all know, Neymar is a Brazilian soccer icon. Although he loves his profession, he also loves online games. Whenever he is free, he is seen playing Pubg. In his free time, He loves to play all sorts of Video games, mainly PubG.

 4. Terry Crews

Stars Who Play PubG

Terry Crews is a  talented man. He has various hobbies which includes Video games as well. in his free time, he loves to play this game. He started PUBG when YouTuber JayzTwoCents built him a powerful gaming computer.

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