Deadpool 2: The Identity of Terry Crews Has Been Revealed

On the night of March 22, 2018, Fox studios played their final hand in the preparation and release of their next installment the Deadpool series. During the late evening hours of Thursday, the studio dropped the second and final trailer for Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds. Long-term comic readers and loyal comic fans will be quick to point out that this particular series of movies only exist because someone at the Fox studios had the sense to leak Ryan Reynolds screen test as the Merc with a mouth. The screen test ( in the form of the highway action sequence) showcased everything that the fans ever wanted from a Deadpool movie. It had humor and gore, an apparent abundance of both made the footage memorable and the resulting traction led to the production of a full-fledged feature-length movie on just Deadpool. Comics fans around the world rejoiced when we initially saw the first Deadpool movie. It was hilarious and the fans knew one thing, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson.

The marketing of Deadpool 2 was a process with three steps. The marketing team started with the release of the first teaser which consisted of a short clip unrelated to the actual movie just to satiate the audience’s craving for some new Deadpool content. The second step was the first trailer that reached a new realm of fourth wall breaks for Deadpool. The third and final step in the marketing process was this second trailer made to showcase both the ensemble cast of Deadpool 2 and the major plot points. It seems that our merc with a mouth will be teaming up with a number of characters which will include Domino, Shatterstar, and Surge. The very idea that Fox may have yet another series on their hands and not just a Deadpool franchise is very exciting. Deadpool 2 must do a lot of things right. One of the crucial points it needs to consider is the fact that the movie wants to introduce a plethora of new characters and to do this right the writing process needs depth and the direction needs impeccable precision.

Moreover, the actors need to bring their A-game to movies of such magnitude. Ever since the release of the first trailer fans has speculated yet again on the character of Terry Crews in Deadpool 2.

The second trailer hosts a frame where Deadpool is looking at Headshots to choose team memebers for the X-force. In between these headshots, there is a picture of Crews with the words “Bedlam “written on the bottom of it. This is a hint to Crews’ character in the movie. This frame all but confirms that Terry Crews will be playing Jesse Bedlam in Deadpool 2.

The character of Jesse Bedlam appeared in Factor X #1 in the year 1995. Jesse Bedlam was introduced as a mutant with the powers of projecting and using bio-em bursts to combat enemie. Moreover, Jesse Bedlam has always been a skilled fighter just like Terry Crews. The mutant can not only create EM (Electro magnectic) blasts to disable any technology in the vicinity but he can also detect energy fluctuations in the environment and determine if any energy fields exist in the immediate vicinity.

There was a time when after the High Revolutionary Reset Jesse bedlam’s powers were upgraded to the point where he could directly manipulate the neural chemistry of his opponent’s brain.

The introduction of Jesse bedlam into the mix that is Deadpool 2 is an interesting choice by the writers. The biggest threat to Wade Wilson in DP2 is (arguably) Cable himself. Cable is an unstoppable force at a time with all his technological enhancements. Maybe the reason Deadpool chooses Jesse bedlam to be in his iteration of the X-force is that of the mutant’s power to render technology useless.

terry crews deadpool 2

As we know, the X-force is being assembled in Fox’s iteration of the Marvel universe to combat cable and to foil his plans to kill the “mysterious Kid” whoever he might be. Deadpool opens on May 18, 2018, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool aka Wade Wilson, Terry Crews as Jesse Bedlam, Josh Brolin as Cable, Morena Baccarin as Veronica, and T.J. Miller as Weasel.

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