10 Awesome Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

It is impossible to talk about Harry Potter and not talk about his best friends who sacrificed so much for him and were always his support. Hermione Jean Granger was not just another witch, she was the brightest witch of her age. We all know she worked for social issues and welfare of elves even when she was still a student and later in life she achieves the highest position in the wizarding world and becomes the minister for magic. These are some of the lesser known facts about our favorite witch:

 10. Hermione wasn’t good at everything:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Hermione Granger was the brightest witch of her age and on countless occasions, her wit and bravery saved the day and we shouldn’t forget that Hermione was also a teenager and therefore wasn’t perfect. She had the sharpest brain but often lost to Ron at wizards chess. Also, she was afraid of flying and was therefore bad at it.

 9. Hermione’s boggart:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Every person has multiple fears and boggart is the representation of our biggest fear at the moment. Hermione’s boggart is something pretty obvious and something we totally expect from her. Her biggest fear is basically fear of failure and she saw professor McGonagall giving her an F in an exam. Academics mattered a lot to Hermione and she couldn’t bear the thought of failing in them.

 8. Hermione became the Minister for magic:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

We all know that Harry became an Auror like he wanted to but did you know Hermione achieved the highest success in terms of professional achievement? Through the democratic vote, Hermione was elected as the minister of magic which means she was the head of the wizarding community of Britain for at least seven years and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

 7. Hermione wiping her parents’ memories:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

This scene was intense in the film and was portrayed really well but what people don’t know is that after the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione was able to revive the memories of her parents and bring them back from Australia. This bit of information is not in the books but was said by JKR in an interview.

 6. Hermione’s sister:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

We know that Hermione was a single child and her parents were muggles but initially, JK Rowling had some different plans for the Granger family. She had planned on giving Hermione a younger sister who would also be a witch and would enter Hogwarts 3 or 4 years later. However, she forgot about this plan and later it was too late to add such an important character.

 5. Her bushy hair and buck teeth:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Two of the major traits of Hermione in the books are her hair and teeth. She is supposed to have brown bushy hair and buck teeth that she was often embarrassed about. In the movies, Emma Watson had most of Hermione’s traits but she often lacked these two things, especially in the later movies. The first movie gets closest to Hermione’s look from the books.

 4. Hermione is often the mastermind:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Even though Hermione appears to be this rule-abiding good student, she is often the one who comes up with dangerous plans in the trio. We all remember she was the one who came up with the plan to use polyjuice potion in order to interrogate Draco Malfoy to get the information about the chamber of secrets. She brews the extremely difficult potion herself and broke a lot of school rules.

 3. Her background doesn’t stop her from excelling:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Both Harry and Hermione got to know they were a part of the magical community when they got their Hogwarts letter and from that time till they reached Hogwarts, Hermione read so much about Hogwarts and even practiced some magic. She was already ahead of the class on the first day of school and seeing how she is a muggle born this is simply impressive.

 2. She is always one step ahead of everyone:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

When Dumbledore’s army was formed, every student signed their name on a parchment which was secretly jinxed by Hermione. She had jinxed it so that when any member sneaked and told Umbridge about the army then everyone would know and the word ‘sneak’ would appear on their forehead for everyone to see and that is exactly what happens later. This is such a classic Hermione move!

 1. She has saved the day more times than we can remember:

Facts About Hermione Jean Granger

Since the first book, we have seen how Hermione always comes to the rescue in difficult situations and her brains and courage have proved useful so many times that it is hard to keep count. Hermione is good at seeing logic and her cleverness knows no bounds. She is the brightest witch and surely one of the bravest characters in the series. If only we could all have a friend like her.

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