Disney Plus Programming Budget Estimated to be $500 Million

We all know that Disney Plus is going to come very soon but there are reports that the estimated budget for the programming of the streaming service is going to be around $500 million. There are also suggestions that the Disney-Fox deal is almost done behind the curtains and only an official announcement is going to be the next expected to come in March.

The Market Research has predicted that Disney is going to spend a sum of $500 million on its streaming service which is again a rough estimation. As per reports, Disney will go on to touch a budget of $23.8 billion only on content and if we talk about Netflix then they are projected to spend a sum of $14 billion. Steven Cahall, Senior Media Analyst at RBC Capital Markets said in a statement,

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“Disney spends more on content than anyone else globally. It has decades of experience in making excellent content, it has a huge balance sheet with low leverage and it’s a brand that’s known the world over.”

Disney Plus

There are also reports in the market which suggest that Disney is eyeing an investors presentation in April and also on a small preview of the things fans and viewers are going to see on Disney Plus. There are rumors that the budget Disney is going to give for the Disney Plus Original Series is up to a sum of $100 million. Also, there were statements from Bob Iger which reflects towards the incoming of series focused on the character of Marvel and Lucasfilm as he said,

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“We have the luxury of programming this product with programs from those brands or derived from those brands, which obviously creates demand and gives us the ability to not necessarily be in the volume game, but to be in the quality game.”

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