11 Scenes From Movies and TV Shows That Shouldn’t Be Tried At Home

Movies and TV Shows can be very authentic in their depiction of certain things. Often they tend to break the barrier between what is real and what is not. This can be either beneficial for the movie while at the same time dangerous for the viewer. There have been cases where people tried to replicate what they saw in these movies by themselves at home. Let’s take a look at some scenes from movies and TV shows that you should most definitely not try at home or in any other circumstance.

Getting Rid Of Snake Venom

Snakes on a Plane was one of the most action-packed films with a lot of energy and absolute craziness. There’s a specific scene from the movie where a character sucks the venom from a snake out of a kid who is bitten by the snake. This doesn’t make any sense considering venom can never be removed from the human body based on the rate at which it spreads in the human body.


Bullet Wound Treatment

Mr. Bean has shown us various hacks to live a simple life. While some of them made sense and were quite simple, a few others seem to be too far-fetched. There’s a scene where Mr. Bean gets the bullet out of a bullet wound very easily. This is not safe considering the bullet doesn’t only damage a single point and hence the removal might lead to cause more damage if not dealt with professionally.


Punching A Shark

Scenes From Movies and TV Shows

We know Lara Croft was a movie based on a game and that gives it the freedom to bend some of the rules. But punching a shark close to its mouth can often result in losing your fingers, hand, and at times your entire arm. Thus it is better to attack it in the gills or eyes and then escape from the scene.


Jellyfish Sting Treatment

Like FRIENDS, Various movies have taught us that peeing on a jellyfish sting is helpful but that’s not true as the impurities might end up making it worse for the sting. It would be a better move to wash the sting with the seawater and then rush to the nearest emergency room.

CPR To Bring Back To Life

CPR is not a permanent solution in any possible way. It is something that should be administered only for the duration under which appropriate medical help is acquired. Various movies have shown us that this is the very solution to certain accidents. CPR is only a life-prolonging technique.


Nosebleed Treatment

Often it is shown in movies and shows that a nosebleed is treated by tilting your head backward. This is not a solution in any possible way. It could lead to much worse implications as blood and other liquids might end up going down your threat. A much better way would be to slightly lean forwards and pinching the nose in a very light manner.


Cactus As A Source Of Drinking Water

Cartoons are definitely known for the ability to use the laws of science according to their choice. Hence it would make sense not to use them as a reference for educational purposes. Often it is shown that the liquid from cactus can be used to quench thirst. This is not the case as that liquid might end up making you feel more thirsty or give you a stomachache and make you vomit.


Hiding From A Bear

Often in the wild, we are left with no choices in order to save ourselves from the creatures of the wild. Bears are some of the wildest animals and mankind’s greatest enemies when left in the wild. When faced with such a moment often humans are shown to play dead in order to save themselves. One can only do that around brown bears and not black bears.


Saving Yourself From Poison

Scenes From Movies and TV Shows

Kenny vs Spenny is not the best place to take suggestions regarding solutions to real-world problems. They literally saved themselves by throwing up after consuming the poison. This is not a solution as this does not remove the entire dose of poison consumed by someone. Thus there is a chance as it might end up causing more infection.


Needle To The Heart

Everyone remembers that scene from Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega saves Mia Wallace by stabbing her with a needle in order to bring her back to life after she overdosed. That is not the safest way of stabbing anywhere in the chest is not a solution to inject the medicine to make it reach quicker to the heart.

Walking Away From An Explosion

Every action movie has that one scene where the hero walks away from a massive explosion. This is not safe as the supersonic shockwave of force that passes through your body could result in damaged internal organs further killing you.

So these are the scenes from Movies and TV Shows that shouldn’t be tried at home.


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