8 Female Superheroes Who Need Their Own Solo Movies

Wonder Woman has changed the trend for the modern comic book movie landscape. It is the first big-budget film with a female lead and a female director, and people seem to be loving it. Here is a list of the eight female superheroes that we’d like to see in their own Solo Movies in the future.


The most underutilized character of the Suicide Squad movie, obviously after Slipknot was Katana. She is a really cool character in the comics and could easily pull off a solo assassin-ninja movie if she gets a proper opportunity. Her sword traps the souls of her victims. Actually seeing that in a live action movie would be something we surely want.


Considering what a Solo-Hulk movie could never do, it would be surely possible that this Super hero might be able to Avenge her cousin if she gets her own solo outing. She-Hulk has mostly been on the periphery for Marvel Comics since a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner granted his cousin, Jennifer, her gamma powers. She has been really underutilized by Marvel and does need a push. She could easily carry forward the legacy of Hulk once he is done after Infinity War.


Hawkgirl is a reincarnated Egyptian princess who, with her partner Hawkman, appears as different people throughout history, they are destined to keep finding each other and falling in love. Her powers of flight, strength, super-healing, and acute vision came from an alien metal found on a ship that crashed to Earth in Ancient Egypt. She’s been a princess, a superhero, and an alien cop – not every reincarnation adopted the Hawkgirl mantle, but every past life informs the character as she moves forward.

Black Canary

After being born to a teenage mother, she was sent to a variety of foster homes from where she ran away and was thereafter taken in by an ex-Special Forces agent who cared for her and gave her lessons in martial arts. She herself becomes an agent, later on, gets married and eventually becomes a fugitive. Dinah has always had a distinctive look, donning an all-black costume with fishnets and sometimes a leather jacket too. Her powers include her amazing prowess at sparring and an ultrasonic scream known as the Canary Cry. In her current comics run, Dinah leads a rock band called – what else? – Black Canary.


Mera is Aquaman’s wife, a cool and elegant queen with a severe anger problem. Mera was royalty in a watery other world called Xebel, which has been a great kingdom. She left home to go find Aquaman – either to seek help in regaining her stolen kingdom or to seek vengeance on him as the king of Atlantis for forgetting about the people of Xebel. They fell in love and got married after which Mera and Aquaman had a son called Aquababy, but their happiness was short-lived. Aquababy was kidnapped and killed, which divided husband and wife, filling Mera with an unhinged rage that would continue to have an impact on her character for years to come.


Logan was a huge Blockbuster and while that character might be done for quite a while, we might have found a temporary replacement for Wolverine, until he is recast. X-23, Logan’s daughter gave a remarkable performance in Logan and all the fans would love to see her in her own movie and possibly along with her fellow mutant friends and maybe even a little grown up. The movie could be set up after the events of Logan.


female superheroes

Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth by her parents upon the destruction of Krypton. Since they share an alien physiology, Kara also possesses the same powers as Superman when on Earth, such as flight, speed, and searing heat-vision. For many years she hid under the alter ego Linda Lee Danvers to avoid discovery, working many jobs. A Supergirl film in the 80s was almost universally panned but didn’t get filmed. But thanks to the new show, which stars Melissa Benoist as Kara, that character’s previously untapped potential has begun to be truly utilized.

Black Widow

The Female Superhero movie fans have always wanted is the Black Widow movie. Scarlett Johansson has shown interest in starring in a solo Black Widow movie many times and fans would do anything to see that. Not just Johansson, the Avengers director Joss Whedon has been pretty vocal about wanting a stand-alone Natasha Ramanoff movie. Well, it seemed that he was not gonna get to direct one of those, so he signed on with WB to make the Batgirl movie which will be set up within the DCEU.

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