14 Incredibly Meaningful Quotes from Sherlock (TV Series)

Along with all the thrill and excitement, BBC’s Sherlock has provided us with, we’ve also got a lot to learn from it!

Here are some intriguing sayings and words of wisdom from ‘Sherlock’ :

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock


This is what Sherlock’s science of deduction says. An ultimate theory on which not just the whole series is based but can also be used by us in our life. Let’s all learn and use some logical reasoning from Sherlock and become wiser!

“Brainy’s the new sexy.” – Irene Adler


This is definitely the new definition of sexy that everyone must follow. Looks may come and go but intelligence remains forever!

“Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain.” – Moriarty


Moriarty never fails to intrigue us. This quotation is metaphorically the truth of all our lives. We’re all living a fairytale. Each one of us has got certain problems to deal with, which are in fact ‘villain’. And, a villain is supposed to be defeated by none other than the hero, who is none other than our own selves!

“You always feel it, but you don’t have to fear it! Pain, heartbreak, loss, death, it’s all good. It’s all good.” – Moriarty


This, if understood correctly, can be a life-changing quotation. Everyone feels emotions. We may try to shield ourselves from them but they always exist. Then how do some people overcome them and others don’t? This quote is the answer. We do not have to be afraid of the things we are feeling. We have to understand that anything can happen and if the unexpected strikes us it’s only natural, that’s what life is. We don’t need to be scared off by things, we need to deal with them, even if we have to do it sadly.

“In a world full of locked rooms, the man with the key is the king.” – Moriarty


This quotation can have a hundred different interpretations. It can have the literal interpretation of opening up something safeguarded or a metaphoric interpretation of knowing the solution to different problems. Our problems seem to lock away the whole world and we get anxious but once they key or the right solution is found, the problems will be unlocked to new opportunities. Also, when the world faces a problem and only a few people know how to solve it, they kind of become the ‘king’ for those people in regard to those problems.

“Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator.” – Sherlock


This is definitely noticed in real life and one should always keep this in mind when not in a good mood. Nothing good can come from becoming bitter. No matter how bad a situation gets, getting bitter will only stop you from moving forward. Whereas love and compassion always motivate people to do something the best they can. So try not to get bitter and always have some compassion in your heart.

“Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side.” – Sherlock


Sentiments and emotions exist among everyone, but do not let them overpower logic and practicality. Those who are ruled by sentiments often fail to see the clear picture of a situation, blurred by their sentiments and fail to make right decisions.

“Don’t make people into heroes. Heroes don’t exist.” – Sherlock


Never ever idolize someone as your hero in life. We’re all human, and being changeable, unpredictable, emotional and imperfect is a part & parcel of that. We’re all allowed to make a few mistakes in life and assuming someone to be a hero who is always perfect is just unfair both to the person and to our own expectations.

“Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity.” – Mycroft


Being brave is surely great and necessary many times, but it is also used as an excuse for doing stupid things. One should keep the difference in mind.

“All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage.” – Mycroft


This one is for the practical people out there and kind of true. Caring may not be a disadvantage at all times, it’s the most important ingredient of any relationship, but when it comes to making important decisions one should put logic above feelings. Also when we lose something, we can only go on with our life when we stop caring or care less about the thing we have lost.

“Fear is wisdom in the face of danger, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” – Sherlock


As it’s discussed in one of the quotes above, fear is just one of the emotions and it’s alright to feel it. Again, one should not be scared ‘away’ by it. If we don’t fear the danger, we will probably underestimate it which will lessen our will to deal with it. However, we don’t have to be too afraid to not deal with it at all. A little fear is healthy for wisdom, just like a little jealousy in healthy for relationships.

“There are no ghosts in this world. Save those we make for ourselves.” – Sherlock


The world may not have ghosts, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have them in our minds. Sometimes we just end up creating superstitions, we fear jinxes, we are unable to forget the past, and all these things haunt us from within. We all need to deal with our inner ghosts before contemplating if they exist in the world physically.

“We all have a past, ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.” – Sherlock


Our past experiences shape us into the person we are today. Some people learn from them while others don’t. So it impacts stays with us forever even in our brightest days in some way or the other. It’s upon us whether that shadow of past gives us a direction or just represents the absence of light.

“Once the idea exists, it cannot be killed.” – Sherlock


This quote is not mentioned in Sherlock for the first time, in other words, the message is also given in ‘V for Vendetta’ and spoken by John F. Kennedy. An idea is immortal. No matter who thought of the idea, if it was discussed, then even if the source vanishes, the idea will keep circulating forever. It’s just like works of art that remind people of writers and musicians who have been dead for ages. This fact certainly enhances the beauty of creativity and imagination.

Himanshi Siwach

Himanshi is a fan of art and creativity of every kind and appreciates it with gratitude. A huge Music fanatic. Philosophical and introspective. Holds the belief of learning through life and spreading the lessons.
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