10 Facts About Falcon The Winged Avenger We Bet You Never Knew!

Sam Wilson may not sound so intimidating. But when we say “the Falcon” everyone is bound to turn around! As one of the very first Marvel Superheroes to join Captain America’s side in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Civil War, and after playing a vital role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson has created a name for himself amongst the Marvel Fans.

Many do not know this but the falcon is actually Marvel’s very first African-American Superhero. He has a rich legacy in the comic books and is considered to be one of the best in his league among the Avengers. In the MCU, Anthony Mackie has done a commendable job and has managed to wow the audience with his quirky and witty one-liners while playing the character.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

In the MCU, Mackie plays an ex-veteran of the United States Air Force who now helps other ex-veterans like Captain America get over their bloody past as a soldier of the nation. But is ii that this is all that meets the eye? Who is Falcon really? We all deserve and need to know this.

He is the first African America Superhero of Marvel Comics

Falcon The Winged Avenger

You might be thinking – then what is Black Panther? Is not he supposed to be the first superhero of this kind? Well no. Black Panther was technically the world’s first Black Superhero, and black does not necessarily mean African American. And in the tumultuous times of the Civil Rights movement, a superhero named Black Panther was kind of a racist caricature.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

So Marvel never really used T’Challa in an extensive way. That was until the Falcon came along. First coming into the scene in September of 1969, Falcon has become Captain America’s right-hand man in the comic books right after Captain America #117 featured him as a major supporting character.

He is an orphan

Like all the typical superhero origin sob stories, Sam Wilson’s is no different. When he was young, he had both a loving father and a caring mother. But all that changed when one fateful day his Minister Father got killed trying to break up a fight in Harlem. A few years later, his mother also passed away during the course of a burglary.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

Sam Wilson was left to the devices of fate and there was nothing anybody but Sam could do about it. But unlike the other superhero stories, Sam becoming an Orphan did not push him into becoming a superhero. He has actually pushed down a path much darker. This facet of his story might never be featured in the MCU but it is still an interesting piece nevertheless.

He used to be a Pimp

Falcon The Winged Avenger

Oh you heard it right fellas!! Sam Wilson is not your everyday superhero. His dark past right after the death of his parents is not something to be taken lightly. Sam Wilson took to the dark side very quickly after the death of his father and mother. At the peak of his mafia days, Sam used to work for the underground as Sam “Snap” Wilson, the number one pimp of New York. But rest assured that this is never going to make it to the movies as portraying an African-American character, one of the very few at that, as a pimp would be too wrong and would not sit well with the 21st Century viewer.

He has the power of telepathy

This one sounds bonkers. But it is true. While Sam, Wilson cannot actually telepathically communicate with human beings, he can do so with another species – Birds. Falcon can control birds with his mind. He can not only control them but also communicate with them via the sheer force of will. That might sound a bit cliché. In the comics, the Falcon has a pet bird called the Red Wing, his superhero partner in the Avengers.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

Captain America: Civil War showed that Sam Wilson does possess a robotic drone that he can control with his suit but that does not even come near to the comic book version Red Wing. Come on Marvel, Make it happen!!!

Red Skull created Sam Wilson

Falcon The Winged Avenger

Red Skull is someone you do not want to make an enemy out of. The guy knows how to keep a grudge. And he will do literally anything to ensure his enemies taste mud. Anything!! And that includes using the reality-altering cosmic cube to rewrite the fabric of reality and transform an ordinary kid into a winged superhero with the power to telepathically control birds, only to use him as a pawn to lure out his mortal enemy.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

Falcon is actually a product of Red Skull’s machinations. He is a superhero and an Avenger because of him. Red Skull’s original intention was to create the Falcon, make him join the Avengers and then use him to gain their trust and then take his help to backstab everyone. We are so glad the Skull’s plan backfired.

He is the Angel of Harlem

Just like Daredevil’s turf is Hell’s Kitchen and Spider-Man’s turf is Manhattan, Falcon’s turf is Harlem. You may not see or hear much about it in the movies because they have not shown that aspect of his history yet. But in the comics, Sam Wilson is like the Daredevil of Harlem. He works as a social activist by day and in the night, turns coats to become a vigilante and lawbreaker. He has even partnered up with Luke Cage to fight crime in Harlem. As we said, there is a lot you do not know about this guy.

Black Panther designed his wings

Falcon The Winged Avenger

His wings in the movies are a product of joint research of the United States Air Force R&D Department and Stark Industries. It is due to Falcon’s wings’ connection to the Stark Industries is because his gears have a Stark-Tech logo on them in Civil War’s opening scenes. In the comics, after a fight with the Anti-Cap, Sam Wilson’s Stark-Tech wings were damaged beyond repair and they were replaced by Wakandan made Vibranium wings of a design privy only to T’Challa.

He became Captain America in the comic books

It was right after Marvel Comics’ Civil War event. Captain America aka Steve Rogers was dead and there was someone needed to fill the void. Then we see Sam Wilson with his new red, white and blue wings!! Sam did not just cover up Cap’s ass this time (like the comics always did when Sam had to temporarily take on the role just to save Cap’s butt from being chewed out) but he actually became Captain America for a while where his primary focus was protecting the underprivileged and the minority folk of American society from right-wing maniacs.

Falcon The Winged Avenger

A Black Captain America would be too much to ask of the MCU, where it has always been the white guy pulling the shots both on and off screen. But with Black Panther, maybe there is still hope for the MCU.

Nick Fury might be his father

Captain Marvel Theory Nick Fury

There is a strange resemblance, don’t you think? Nick Fury looks like someone who is closely related to Sam Wilson in the MCU. Just look at the two together. The similar goatee, the same facial expression and the timeline itself allow for such a connection to actually be feasible enough. And we sure hope that they have a father-son reunion soon.

His real name is hilarious

Falcon The Winged Avenger

And you thought T’Challa was a bad name? Wait till you hear this. Sam Wilson is a good name if you ask us. The Falcon also sounds so cool to the ear. But his real name might give you a shock. It is such a girly name that we are still unsure what were the writers thinking when they conjured up the idea. Maybe a writer was playing a prank on another which stuck permanently somehow. The Falcon’s real name is – Clarence Wilson.

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