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Scarlet Witch Can Absolutely Crush Thor Using This Secret Power

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has just unlocked the full potential of Scarlet Witch and we are yet to see it in full effect. Pushing her off the edge of her sanity is what is required to make her aware of her strengths. Fans of the comics were well aware that she is no ordinary hero and is known for going to massive lengths. Luckily we haven’t seen her fight against any of the Avengers using this unlocked potential because then we can be sure they won’t stand a chance against this mutant. WandaVision allowed her to claim the title of Scarlet Witch by proving her sorcery powers are stronger than anyone on Earth. Even the God of Thunder might have a difficult time against Scarlet Witch. You see, Scarlet Witch can destroy Thor with a secret advantage.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff is still considered one of the strongest heroes and Marvel and it is quite lucky that we haven’t seen her unlock her full potential in the MCU yet. The character has made us aware that she can be a key character when the heroes are facing a major issue. Her membership in the Avengers has varied over the years but she was still able to prove her powers when the circumstance arose. There have been various changes to her power over the years and this has allowed us to see the various means she could use her potential towards.


This year started with Marvel Studios’ first series on Disney+ that is actually canon to the event of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series was a whole new way in which the narrative has been told and that was mostly because of Wanda’s powers. Experiencing so much loss led Wanda to use one of her strongest powers that involve simulating reality as per her requirement. The character uses her powers according to her denial of the circumstance she was in and this is actually one of the biggest parts of her arc.


Scarlet Witch Revelation

Scarlet Witch Can Absolutely Crush Thor

Marvel’s Trial of Magneto was one of the most exciting new comic series and fans were waiting to see how the events unfold in the series. Here we got to see the death of the Scarlet Witch but there was no clear explanation for the cause of her death. It seems the series has been able to give us a lot more idea into the powers of Wanda than the titular story of the comics. The narrative might be something rather exciting for fans of other works surrounding her like House of M.


In #4 of the comics by Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, David Messina, and Edgar Delgado, we hear that Wiccan suggests the possibility of Uru being the murder weapon. His reasoning for that was that this element is incredibly malleable when it is enchanted. Wanda can actually learn from this theory, even though it might be just a possibility. It is rather clear that if Thor or any other character wields Uru then they might see Scarlet Witch using this weapon against them and bend them to her will. This is quite similar to how Magneto was seen using Captain America’s own shield against him.



Uru is actually an element that is associated with Asgard as it is used for forging the finest of weapons for the warriors of Asgard. Some of the major characters in Marvel use weapons that are entirely forged by using this metal. This includes Thor’s Mjolnir and Odin’s spear, Gungnir. The metal’s strongest feature is the fact that it grows stronger when magic is enchanted and this could actually end up making it one of the strongest elements in Marvel.


Scarlet Witch Can Absolutely Crush Thor

There have been moments in the comics where Thor had to face off against Wanda but luckily things didn’t go to such drastic levels. But it is fairly obvious that now that we are aware that this can happen then Marvel might actually end up using this detail in their projects. The comics also tell us that Scarlet Witch’s powers can often prove to be drastic for her too because they can give her certain fake deaths. This does make us wonder about the challenge that Doctor Strange might end up facing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness if he has to face off against Scarlet Witch.


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