5 Horror Movies That Deserve a Remake

An intense feeling of fear, shock, disgust; where the words terror, trembling, shivering, frightful, goosebumps all collude against the common beliefs of humans. That is what horror is. Horror unmasks our fear of the unknown. It treads on delicate territory question our religion, God and our beliefs. The category of horror has many award-winning movies, but then there are some that have great qualities but have lacked direction and can be remade into horror worthy movies. There are several horror movies that deserve a remake like:

Event Horizon

Horror Movies That Deserve a Remake This movie was a Sci-Fi movie that could’ve made it big. The story revolves around the rescue mission of a spaceship that sees all hell break loose.

Night of the Demon

It had a solid plot but failed to deliver. It was filled with magic, murder, cult activity, and demons. It deserves a remake with better effects to make a really scary movie.

The Wraith

Starring Charlie Sheen, this movie deserves a remake more than any other movie. The plot revolves around a dead guy coming back from his grave to take revenge from the ones who murdered him.


The movie had a cult following back in the 80’s but now if you watch it rather than chills it gives you the spills…hehe!! Despite a good storyline, the movie can do much better with the latest VFX effects and sound.

Silent Hill

It is one movie that was so close but just couldn’t make it. The story, the effects, the visuals, everything but it failed to impress. A remake would definitely do good.

Sometimes the horror borders on the comic….seems ironic but that’s how it is. If a movie is made correctly with the right effects, visuals, music and most importantly timing it will hit it big with the audiences.

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