Captain America Almost Wore The Costume of U.S. Agent In Avengers: Infinity War

We have to admit this that no matter whatever Captain America wears its always suits him maybe this is because of the charm of Chris Evans or maybe because we simply love him. We have seen him in many different costumes in all these years and it has revealed that he was very close in wearing the U.S. Agent costume in the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

Captain America Costume Avengers: Infinity War

We all know that the costume Captain America wore in the movie Infinity War movie was very good was simply divides the fan base into two different parts as there were a lot of people out there who thought that the costume was far more than the simplicity it needed for the dark and intense look of Captain America but it was the charm and acting of Chris Evans which still made Captain America look refreshingly good.

Chris Evans Captain America Terminator

So, the news and recent revelation about Captain America and his costumes is that there were chances of Captain America wearing a U.S. Agent costume in the movie and it has been revealed after taking a look a the figure of Captain America in the book which has been published recently with the name ‘The Art of Avengers: Infinity War’. You can have the look of him right below.

Captain America Costume Avengers: Infinity War

We all that Captain America was depicting a kind of disagreement with the Avengers and went on a journey and joining a group not as big as of Avengers. The need of black in the suit is too much and also a lot of things has been added by the Head of Development at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding that,

The Secret Avengers look came about because him being more clandestine and not part of a larger group like the Avengers meant that he could be wearing more black. That’s where the U.S. Agent stuff came out, too, where he could be wearing black and red, and seeing if there was any value in that.”

Meinerding also talked about the idea of giving Captain America a more rocky and tough look in fatigues of Army. But, the idea didn’t get a lot of votes and they dropped it because of the risk they saw in this look. Also, there were a lot of things about which Meinerding talked about as he stated that,

Captain America Costume Avengers: Infinity War

“The costume took a long time because I think KevinFeige, Marvel Studios President was looking for ways of Cap still feeling iconic. He didn’t want him stepping away from the super hero stuff for the whole movie. And if you put him in fatigues at the beginning of the movie, there’s not really a reason for him to get out of them or change costumes at any point in the rest of the film. So we were searching for a while, including versions that were riffs on U.S. Agent and some things that were riffs on Nomad — subtle ones, but still trying to go there to see if there was something interesting to mine, as if he’s almost taken on a different persona.”

Captain America Costume Avengers: Infinity War

Also, if we talk about the mentality towards which the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely stressed about are stated below as they spoke about the character of Captain America in Infinity War that,

“That is something we didn’t want to blow off,” Markus explained. “Didn’t want to devalue Civil War by having a phone call saying, “Let’s all get back together because there’s an even worse guy.” Nah, everything’s fine now. So we dragged that a long way through it so that we are valuing the resentments we’ve built up between these characters.”

Captain America Costume Avengers: Infinity War

What do you think about the idea of presenting Captain America in the costume of U.S. Agent? Would you’ve liked that? Tell us in the comments section below.

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