10 Best Psycho Movies That Should Be On Your Watch-List

There are a lot of people out there who want their mind to go up-side down and also want to see the most menacing of things and also the most weird of situations in front of them on the big screen. There has been movies in the past who has been really terrible in terms of playing with the minds of people. Some movies are there who have the ability of sending the brains of their viewers to a kind of lock room where they can’t able to come out of the movie and get a lot influenced by the movies they saw. So, today we are going to talk about the movies who has been there for a long time, playing and breaking the nerves of many brains out there. If you think and want something hard for you brain then you should start watching these movies as these are the 10 Best Psycho movies out there.

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 10. Oldboy:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie is still one of the most brilliant psychopath movies of all-time. The movie came back in 2003 and was a South Korean film, the movie was directed by Park Chan-wook and was a story about a man who was kept in a room because of a very weird reason by the villain of the movie but the movie becomes darker when the villain finds out that luckily the man who is under his brutal cell is none other than the man who is responsible for one of his life’s biggest losses.

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Best Psycho Movies

After which, the movie turns out to be very abnormal and in order to see that brain breaking fate of that person in the cell. You should definitely watch this movie.

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 9. American History X:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie was directed by Tony Kaye and came back in 1998. the movie was an absolute definition of a psycho movie as the movie was about a man named Derek who served for three years in jail and when he came out he knows that his brother is following the exact same path which led him into the prison.

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In order to make his brother understand the consequences of his actions, Derek took some really weird ways in order to tell his brother that he’s doing wrong things. You have to watch this movie as the movie have some really tremendous actors in it.

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 8. Inglourious Basterds:

Best Psycho Movies

Inglorious Bastards is all about a group of Jewish soldiers who were on an undercover mission in order to bring down the brutal Nazi government and also with the motive of ending the war.

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Best Psycho Movies

In between of this, a woman in the movie hurts herself in order to save his own family form the clutches of the Nazi government. The movie won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The movie was released back in October 2, 2009.

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 7. The Night Of The Hunter:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie came back in 1955 and was a great success at that time and still regarded as one of the very best psychopath movies of all-time because of its really weird storyline and also the direction from the Charles Launhton.

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Best Psycho Movies

The movie was a story of a preacher who marries a widow in order to search for a hidden loot. But, the children made it difficult for the man in order to get hands on the money. The movie is really interesting and will surely send you in a zone.

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 6. There Will Be Blood:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson back in 2007 and was a story of a very ruthless and brutal oil prospector whose only ambition was to get even more richer and also the most powerful oil tycoon in the world. For this, he uses a very weird and inhuman medium and for that, I think you should watch this medium because the medium is the only interesting and best thing about this movie. The movie will surely push you in order to do the same, but I hope you mom will call you for the dinner downstairs at the right time.

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 5. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Best Psycho Movies

The movie is simply close to a horror movie as the thriller and psychopathic level of the movie is quite good and high. The movie was directed by Robert Aldrich as the movie is still classified as a horror movie because of the mystery and thriller has shown in the movie. The movie is about the life of an aging actress who kept an ex-movie star inside her mansion and what she does with her is what the movie is all about and you simply have to watch this movie if you want a movie better than most of the horror movies we see nowadays.

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 4. M:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie is as weird as the name suggest, the movie was directed by Fritz Lang and was produced by Seymour Nebenzal. The movie deals with the story of a child’s murder which simply goes away without tracing. After which, it was the criminals who join the police in order to hunt the man down. The movie is really really interesting and one should watch movies like this as it will definitely open those blockages in your brain for sure.

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 3. Sunset Boulevard:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie was directed by Billy Wilder and was released back in 1950. the movie was about an aging actor who was a silent screen actor also. As in the movie we see that the actor is going to have one more shot on the fame when a screenwriter agrees in order to write a script for her. The movie is really interesting for the fans of cinema and also for the ones who have fantasies with the industry of films. A must watch for all the thriller fans out there.

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 2. A Clockwork Orange:

Best Psycho Movies

The movie came back in 1971 and was directed by Stanley Kubrick, the story of the movie was written by super-talented Anthony Burgess. The movie is all about a psychopathic who is in prison because of a murder and rape.

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Best Psycho Movies

In order to reduce his life sentence, he decided to be the volunteer of an experimental therapy but things completely changed for him and in order to see what happens to him after that experiment you have to watch the movie but what I can tell you that it’s not something pleasant you want to see.

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 1. Psycho:

Best Psycho Movies

The fans of psychopathic films are really blessed that they have this film in this world as this film is the best psycho movie we have out there as the direction of the movie has been done by Great Alfred Hitchcock and I don’t think I have to say something more after this.

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Best Psycho Movies

The story of the movie has been given by Robert Bloch. As in the movie we see that Marion who is the one who steals some money from her employer went absent as her lover and sister went into the famous Bates Motel in order to find her but there they met with Norman bates. The movie is simply incredible and you have to watch it for sure.

So, these are the psychopathic movies your mind and heart needs right now. Do watch these films right now and tell us in the comments section about your experiences.

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