Avengers 4 Theory Predicts How Thanos Will Turn Good & Really Save the Universe

Every other day we have a new Avengers 4 theory that comes out trying to convince us about the new predictions for the plot of Avengers 4. Some theories end up really surprising and believable while some are complete trash. But still, it is great how people really care so much about a movie that they spend a lot of their time trying to predict the story of Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

A very long and elaborate theory given by Reddit user mushbert stated how Erik Selvig already predicted the plot of Avengers 4 and gave us various hints about the future of the MCU. But the theory additionally added a cool plot line which stated how exactly the Avengers would beat Thanos.

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

Thanos is a force of nature that could not be taken down by any other hero in Infinity War. Not even Thor could stop him using the Stormbreaker. Now that he has the gauntlet, he certainly is the most powerful being in the Universe, so for those of you who think that Captain Marvel will just come in and Thanos’ ass, you couldn’t be more wrong. The only person who could beat Thanos is Thanos!

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

The theory given by mushbert states that in the one successful future that Doctor Strange saw, Thanos would actually come to a realization as to how wrong he was. Being broken down by the grief of losing his daughter, he will try to undo what he did which will lead us to the recently rumored larger threat.

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

Here’s how the theory goes:

“Dr. Strange’s Plan – 14,000,605” In 2012 comic Fantastic Four hit #605, there’s a story of Reed Richards building a machine with his father that can peep into the future. The FOURteen million 605 may be a reference to it. Another sly reference to the future introduction of the fantastic four perhaps? Here is the key observation we see in relation to Dr. Strange’s plan, he knew that the fight scene which was about to take place after his vision would not be successful. Therefore, the important events that were to follow were not the method in which the group attempted to battle and subdue Thanos to remove the Infinity Gauntlet but the conversations that took place during the fight. Thanos being made to feel guilty and questioned on his reasons by the hero’s was the important chess move Dr. Strange played. The way they ultimately beat Thanos in Avengers 4 is not by beating him in Battle, but by Thanos succumbing to his grief over murdering his daughter Gamoro. The pointlessness of the untold destruction of life that he caused will eventually become clear to him; his theory of balance will be proved wrong. He will gain an understanding of love and empathy through the emotions he is feeling over his own loss of Gamora. He will repent and sacrifice himself to right all his wrongs and save the universe from a greater power which now threatens it, because of his actions, the greater threat will be Cosmic beings, or “The Fault”. Not all the dead are gone for good; their souls are maybe stuck in limbo – in the soul stone. Thanos seems to enter the soul stone involuntarily, perhaps further conversations and berating’s from the souls within are what drives him to undo all the bad he has done or to purposefully lose and allow the Avengers to defeat him. He realises the power given to him by the gauntlet is not worth the downsides. The life of being a god, the master of reality, the creator, and destroyer of all is a lonely life. This leads to a second time finger snap, either by Thanos or one of the avengers and that second immense release of power maybe what leads to the universe splitting or cracking and the appearance cosmic entities, of the fault, and a new reboot of marvel characters joining the MCU.”

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

So, we could actually say that Thanos will turn to the Avengers’ side and he will then fight the threat that he himself brought upon the Universe (Living Tribunal, or some other entity). Although the theory mentioned above may be wrong about the reboot factor, we could believe that it is partially right.

Avengers 4 Theory Thanos

Marvel can obviously not have a complete reboot because they have to continue the rest of the franchises, but yeah, this could lead to the entry of mutants and the Fantastic Four in the MCU.

Let’s see what happens in Avengers: Endgame when it comes out on April 26, 2019.


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