10 Best Hollywood Movies of 2017 You Must Not Miss

A wide range of movies was released in the year 2017. Some won many awards and some were not that good. below mentioned are some of the best Hollywood movies that were released in the year 2017. Watch these movies and entertain yourself. Well, here are the best Hollywood movies Of 2017 are mentioned below.

Wonder Woman

The director of the movie is Patty Jenkins. In the movie, there is a Princess Diana of the women world, who rescues US pilot Steve. When she is being told about the war, she ventures into the world of men to stop Ares who is the god of war, from destroying mankind. The film is beautifully directed. the cast has performed their roles perfectly.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

Best Hollywood Movies 2017The film is a superhero film, it has strong female characters. The movie is loved by the audiences and the critic. It’s a good superhero movie that you will enjoy watching.


It is directed by James Mangold. In the movie, Logan comes out of retirement to help and escort a young mutant named Laura to a safe place where he meets with other mutants who have run from an evil corporation that has been experimenting with them.  Logan is a perfect comic book adaption. The movie is heart-breaking but at the same time, it is visually amazing.  All the characters in the film have played an amazing role.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

Huge Jackman’s final performance is one of the best performances of his career because of the several emotions he had to go through in the film. This is surely one of the best movies of the year 2017. It’s a great film and a must watch.

Baby Driver

The film is directed by Edgar Wright. It is a crime thriller movie. in the movie, Doc forces Baby who is a former getaway driver to take part in a heist, threatening to hurt his girlfriend if he refuses to help. The plan becomes strange when their arms dealers turn out to be undercover officers. It’s a good movie to watch.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

The performances are good and the direction is beautiful. it’s a unique story that will surely stay with you forever. Edgar Wright’s humor is one of the things about the movie that you will love.


The director if the movie is Christopher Nolan. It’s a thriller drama movie. the movie is during World War II, the soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium and France try to evacuate from the town of Dunkirk during a difficult and dangerous battle with German forces. The cinematography of the movie is brilliant. The performances are brilliant.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

The writing and direction are brilliant. Basically, everything about this movie is good. The movie is without a doubt a cinematic achievement. Watch this movie and experience the lives of the characters.

Get Out

The movie is directed by Jordan Peele.  It is a mystery thriller movie. the movie is about a character named Chris, an African-American man, decides to visit his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents during a weekend. Although the family may seem normal at first, later he experiences the horrors.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

The movie is a very out of the boxing movie. the movie is very interesting and subtle. The acting is wonderful and the direction is superb. This movie is a must watch.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Odin's Infinity Gauntlet

The movie is directed by Taika Waititi. It is a science fiction movie. it is an excellent movie and surely of the best movie of the Marvel series. Definitely worth a watch. The direction is superb.  It is really an entertaining movie. the entire cast is the movie is just perfect. The direction and writing of the movie are superb.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

Everything about the movie is good and worth a watch. The storyline is also amazing. the movie is loved by the audiences and the critics. Watch this movie and entertain yourself.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The director of this movie is Jon Watts. This movie is about a character whose name is Peter Parker. He tries to stop Adrian Toomes from selling weapons which are made with advanced Chitauri technology also while trying to balance his life as an ordinary high school student. it’s an old story with old characters but it’s a cool and remix that will make you feel fresh again. 

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming one of the best chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is surely another great example for future superhero movies to learn from. Everything about this movie is great. The acting, direction, cinematography, and storyline is just perfect. It is a must watch as you will not be disappointed.


Best Hollywood Movies Of 2017

The movie was directed by Geta Gerwig. The movie is about the character whose name is Marion McPherson, a nurse, who works tirelessly to keep her family out of difficulty after her husband loses his job. She also maintains a turbulent bond with her teenage daughter who is just like her as she is loving, strong-willed and deeply opinionated.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

The movie has won many awards including Academy awards for the best picture. It is a fresh and charming movie. the direction is superb and the performances of the characters are brilliant. It’s a movie about a teenager who searches for her identity, it is a self-discovery film. It is a must watch the movie as the movie is very beautiful.

Shape of Water

Best Hollywood Movies Of 2017

The movie was directed by Guillermo del Toro. This is one of the best movies that I’ve seen. The movie is about a lady who works as a cleaning lady in a hidden, high-security government laboratory. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab’s classified secret which is a mysterious, scaled creature from South America that lives in a water tank as she starts to develop feelings for the creature. 

Best Hollywood Movies Of 2017

It is a very beautiful movie. the story proves that love has no boundaries. The movie is beautifully crafted with amazing and brilliant performances.  the movie also won many awards including Oscars.

Call Me By Your Name

Best Hollywood Movies Of 2017

The movie is directed by Luca Guadagnino. The movie won many awards and one of those was the Academy Award for best writing adapted screenplay. It is a visually speaking movie. the performances of the main characters of this movie are remarkable.

Best Hollywood Movies 2017

The story is about two young guys who fall in love. It is a different and amazing story. The movie won hearts at various levels. It is a must watch as this movie is more than just the beautiful faces.

So, that’s all about best Hollywood movies of 2017.

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