Zack Snyder Shares First BTS Look at Team Justice League After Henry Cavill’s Rumored Exit

All the headlines in the world currently belong to DC. With Henry Cavill having left the company and the role of Superman, Ben Affleck rumored to be leaving the mask of Batman on the table, nothing seems to be going right for DC. The departure of Cavill from Justice league has left his fans shattered. They’re finding it really hard to accept the reality because of all the movies he did for them and also because he was a great addition to the team in Justice League. But, that departure didn’t hurt so bad to the fans as Zack Snyder also shared a picture from the BTS of Justice League on VERO.

The picture is from the sets of the Justice League where we can see that all the members of the Justice League team were in it. Starting from the extreme left, we can see actor Ray Fisher in a motion-capture outfit, on his right is our master of speed Ezra Miller suited and booted in Flash’s costume, with Ben Affleck looking stunning in that robust Batman suit standing with former-Superman of DC – Henry Cavill, followed by a wonderful, charming, and deadly Wonder Woman and in the end, to the extreme right is none other than Aquaman. Snyder captioned the picture as “#tbt to JL Leica MD” and recalls the memories of that great film.

The image wasn’t in color and was in Black and white instead, but no matter what, the memories of Henry Cavill and other superheroes from the past is knocking at the door of DC fans and team also. The most distinguished part of the picture is Ray Fisher in a mo-capture outfit despite all other actors in their respective superhero outfit.

The still in black and white brings back all the memories of Justice League. The movie got 24th biggest worldwide opening of all-time with an amount of $278.8 million. But, despite its great success in terms of selling tickets, it still considered as a big blunder by DC as the movie was highly unprofitable during its theatrical run. A sequel of the movie was scheduled to be released in June 2019 but has been delayed because for the standalone Batman film.

By March 2017, producer Charles Raven has announced that Zack Snyder would return as the director.  In October 2017, J.K. Simmons stated that the studio is working on the script of the sequel, alongside The Batman. But shortly after the release of Justice League, Cavill said that he is under a contract with Warner Bros. to play Superman for one more film.

In December 2017, reports came out that there were no immediate plans for Zack Snyder to direct the Justice League sequel or any other DC film as Snyder was sent to an executive producer position. This comes after a reshuffling of film production staff at Warner Bros. due to the one pivotal reason, the film’s mixed critical reception and disappointing financial performance.

Aquaman James Wan Villain Orm

With Cavill’s departure, stakes and hopes are all on the shoulders of DC’s upcoming movie Aquaman and with Jason Momoa loaded with passion and pride while representing his character of Arthur Curry to its best. We can surely hope for the best as the movie is going to revolve around the story of the reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He is caught in a battle between the surface dwellers that threaten his oceans and his own people who are ready to lash out and invade the surface.

With Patrick Wilson also playing the role of the Orm/ Ocean Master, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean half-brother and ruler of Atlantis, who seeks to unite the seven underwater kingdoms to declare war on the surface world out of belief humanity, polluted the seas.

So, with Zack Snyder posting a picture of the BTS from the movie Justice League, Henry Cavill already being departed out from the DCEU, and Ben Affleck also being in a doubt for continuing the character of Batman, it’s all a fuss at the moment at DC. Fans still hope for the upcoming DCEU movies to stand up in this tough time. Shazam! is also the one which will have the eyes of many people as DC’s dark image is going to be finally broken from the release of this superhero comedy movie.

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