The Spider-Verse – How Does Miles Morales Get His Powers?

Right from the early 2000s, we have seen Sony do their thing with Spider-Man. The audiences responded well to the Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man (not the third one though), and then they decided to Reboot things with The Amazing Spider-Man. But that could not go past two movies, and seeing where the big money is, Sony finally decided to use Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But they still haven’t tapped the entire Spider-Verse even after having 900 characters under their belt.

All six of the Spider-Man movies that we have seen have been about Peter Parker, but for the first time, there have been seeds planted for another version of Spider-Man. Coming into the MCU, Marvel has made Sony try new things with the character portraying 2 totally new villains while setting up 3 for the future. One of those turned out to be Aaron Davis played by Donald Glover.

Davis goes on to become The Prowler in the comics, but the big mention in Homecoming was about Davis’ nephew. The nerd gang knows that Miles Morales is the nephew of Aaron Davis in the comics and he is also the second Spider-Man after Peter Parker.

Miles Morales The Spider-Verse

So, we could say that seeds have been planted for him to show up probably in the third Spider-Man movie as Spider-Man: Far From Home seems to be taking up a different direction. But, Sony is now trying to apply all the options that they own and we will finally be seeing a version of Spider-Man other than Peter Parker, even though it is in the animated movie genre. Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will bring forward characters like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen into the spotlight while Peter Parker will be there for the support, passing on the reigns to Morales.

While most people have seen the trailer and absolutely loved it, the general audiences still have one question that sticks to their minds. The upcoming animated movie does seem to be an origin story, but it seems to be taking a similar path to Homecoming, where the movie gets right into the action and not really establishes how the character became who he is. Homecoming came with a pre-murdered Uncle Ben and Parker was already bitten by a radio-active Spider having gained the Spider powers.

The animated movie also seems to be taking the same road and we may not get the answer to how exactly Miles Morales get his powers and becomes Spider-Man? The general audiences might not know this but the ones who’ve read the comics do know that he got his powers almost in the similar way that Peter Parker got them. In the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man which came out in September 2011, we got to know that Oscorp scientist Dr. Conrad Markus used Parker’s blood to recreate the formula that created Spider-Man and Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler stole the formula. Whilst conducting the robbery, a different genetically altered Spider created by Markus entered the Prowler’s duffel bag.

You may be able to make out the rest, but still, I have to tell you the rest! After a few days Davis’ Nephew who is just a grade schooler visited his home and there he gets bitten by that genetically engineered Spider and that grants him Super powers almost similar to that of Peter Parker’s. Morales keeps these abilities a secret from his parents Jefferson and Rio as his father does not trust Superheroes.

While his abilities are similar to the original Spider-Man, having enhanced strength and agility, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings with his hands and feet, producing web and even having the Spider-sense that warns him of danger with a buzzing sensation in his head. The difference here is that his Spider-sense is not as strong as that of Peter’s and it only warns him off the immediate dangers. He has two other abilities which Peter does not have and those are: the ability to camouflage himself, including his clothing so that he could blend into his surroundings, and the second one is the “Venom Strike” which can paralyse almost anyone with just a touch.

Note – The “Venom Strike” does not relate to the actual character “Venom” and it is more of a directed energy which can be conducted by Morales’ gloves.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hits the theatres on December 13, 2018.

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