New Fan Theory Reveals The Perfect MCU Origin Story of The Fantastic Four

After Fox bought the rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men and started making movies on them, no one expected the powerhouse would one day return back the rights to these superheroes back to the Marvel Studios. After Iron Man was released in 2008 and the MCU has become the world’s most profitable franchise, it has become common knowledge that no studio would ever come close to establishing a superhero universe with the girth of that of the MCU.

And after the Fox-Disney merger, no one ever will. When the merger happens, fans will be expecting marvel’s two prime-time properties to come back home and start rocking the MCU as the other Avengers are. And the fans are already working on theories to predict how that will happen. Presenting – New Fan Theory reveals the perfect MCU Origin story of the Fantastic Four!!!

The Fantastic Four movies up until now have been abysmal, to say the least. The Fox Studios have absolutely shredded the reputation of Marvel Comics’ first family to tithers. But the fans have still not given up on the heroes. A viable and profitable franchise based on the Fantastic Four is still a possibility. But that will only happen if Disney takes over Fox and let Marvel take on the reins of the superhero universe of Fox Studios called the Fox-Verse.

MCU Origin Story Fantastic Four

Assuming it does happen, it still leaves us with the question of – How and When. A recent post on Reddit has finally shed some light on the former and the latter. A fan states that the events that have already happened in Captain America: The First Avenger and that are going to happen in Captain Marvel will have a huge impact on the origin stories of the Fantastic Four. The origin story will shift back to several decades and will have a strange time travel element to it. He says and we quote:

“Okay so, it’s late ’50’s to mid ’60’s. Let’s say Howard Stark & S.H.I.E.L.D are interested in finding something in space like the Tesseract for better technology & weaponry. So they hire 4 astronauts named Reed Richards, Susan & Johnny Storm, & Ben Grimm. They blast off into space and they’re hit with a cosmic radioactive wave and get their powers.”

The journey begins like any other space adventure. And just like any other space adventure, it goes awry midway:

“But instead of crashing back to Earth, this wave transports them to the Negative Zone where time is all out of whack. Let’s say 1 year there is 10 years on Earth. They’re trapped there. And their powers evolve and get stronger there as well.

And I’m thinking make Annihilus the main antagonist since he’s the ruler of the Negative Zone.”

Doctor Doom has been a tried and tested villain in the Fox Superhero universe and frankly, he has served his purpose. The movie needs a new villain for the Fantastic Four, someone completely unrelated to Doom or even Earth for that matter. This is where Annihilus, the extra-terrestrial super intelligent bug that holds the Cosmic Rod, one of the most powerful objects in the universe, comes into play.

Fantastic Four

“I say it takes place in this time era for 2 reasons: (1. It would explain their absence in the MCU & (2. Howard Stark built the Arc Reactor in the ’60’s and we travelled to space in ’69 so I’m sure Howard could build a spacecraft.

They can also go this way so they can make the Fantastic 4 older and more experienced, Reed in particular. Rather than going the ‘Ultimates’ route and just making them young.

You guys might say: “Well, how come nobody knew about this?” or “How come no one noticed they were gone?” Well, it’s S.H.I.E.L.D, they keep secrets and the Fantastic 4 aren’t social people apart from Johnny Storm.”

MCU Ant-Man 2

It does sound strange and weird to have this caliber of an origin story but you have to admit that it is pretty damn awesome when you start thinking about it. Here’s to hoping the MCU actually has an origin story that could rival or even go above a notch of this one.

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