The DCEU is Over And WB Look to Focus on a Female Centric Universe

It is a bad day for all the fans who dreamt of finally getting a good DC Universe as it is over before it even began. Snyder may be at fault for many things but he did bring a whole Universe together in his own way and that should be respected. All the 6 movies including Aquaman have Snyder’s name attached, so everything good and bad about those movies have to be ultimately credited to Zack Snyder. But since he is gone, the DCEU we once knew is now done. WB is now doing their own thing, picking everything that worked, and completely scrapping everything that got mixed reviews from the fans.


The pillars of DC, both Batman, and Superman that the fans did like are now out. We have to admit that Affleck and Cavill were good at playing their roles and the things that did not work for them were the way their characters were written. There was hope that we would get a perfect Universe with these two actors leading it forward, but now, both of them are out.

There has not been an official word on Affleck’s departure, but Cavill’s exit more or less confirms that Affleck is also out, and Matt Reeves is going to do his own thing, build a trilogy with a young Batman that will never interact with the Larger DC Universe.

According to Forbes writer Mark Hughes, there aren’t any plans for Superman in the coming years. He said:

“Superman, I can tell you as of three to four weeks ago, last time I checked in, there is not movement on Superman. It’s not currently sitting on the table as a project that they’re looking at moving forward on and there’s no expectation of imminent movement on a Superman project… that’s the situation.”

Captain Marvel vs. Supergirl

So this does confirm those rumours that WB is now focusing on bringing Supergirl to the center instead of a Man of Steel 2. She will be the leader of a more female Centric Universe from here on. Wonder Woman has already become WB’s biggest thing so she will stay on for a long time. The movies that Superman and Batman were a part of critically failed, so WB wasn’t sure to invest any more money into Cavill’s Superman who was asking for more money in his extended contract since his name in Hollywood has become much bigger than what it was 5 years ago.

Aquaman and Shazam! have to be profitable to continue, but now WB also wants to focus on the critical approval which only 1 out of 5 movies got till now. So, if Aquaman also ends up being a critical dud, we may not see him continue in this Universe as well because WB is a studio that is more reactive than proactive. Batman and Superman are out while Wonder Woman got fast-tracked because she is the one who worked and the rest did not. Aquaman and the Flash have still had hope and may have some worth, so they get to continue.

It seems that the big snap of Thanos has reflected upon the Multiverse as a big chunk of Justice League is now disintegrated. Suicide Squad made a lot of money but was the worst movie according to the critics, so they are doing the same picking and scrapping thing from there as well. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was a big hit, so they are doing more with her while the rest who were supposed to be in a Suicide Squad 2 has been put on the indefinite waiting table just like Superman was and they will be slashed completely if the upcoming Birds of Prey movie does work.

So, the future lies in the hands of solo & female-led movies and the days of Superman and Batman in a joint Universe are over before they even began. Justice League was neither a critical success, nor did it make any profit for WB, so that name is tainted, and we will never get a sequel to that! All this began with the breakdown of Affleck’s Batman and the departure of Snyder.

The Flash solo film is bouncing between being a Flashpoint event and not being one. The only hope we all DC fans could have is that the upcoming Flash movie might give us a soft reboot and change the Timeline, so we could possibly have a new Superman (Michael B. Jordon could come in here) and whoever Matt Reeves brings on as Batman.

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