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Do You Remember The Characters These Actors Played On ‘The Defenders’?

Marvel’s The Defenders came out on Netflix last year it was just amazing and everyone from the Defenders not just kicked a lot of ass, they complemented each other while doing it.

The show was just for 8 episodes long but It had adequate humor, a good plot, an adequate amount of darkness and a lot of action. It did not have any pacing problems like Iron Fist did and all the episodes ran very smoothly.

A top class villain was needed to bully the 4 heavyweights popularly known as ‘The Defenders’ and Marvel delivered it in the form of Alexandra Reid which was played by the iconic Sigourney Weaver.

The show had a huge cast as almost every character from all four shows were present in the team-up show. So, today we have created an actor-character quiz on the show that will prove how much you remember about the actors and the characters they played.

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