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Superhero Test: Guess Whether These Characters Belong to DC or Marvel Comics

No doubt, superhero movies are ruling the box office right now but what is it that makes these movies so successful? It’s the fans! Both Marvel and DC comics have a huge fan following and when a movie on their characters comes out, the fans go in huge numbers to watch it on screen. All we can say is that no matter how good or bad a movie is, the support is always there. 

Take the recent example of Venom, the movie has got so many brutal reviews from the critics, yet it grossed over $700 million at the box office. The reviews had almost a null effect on its collection, and the movie became one of the highest grossing films of the year.

But one thing that surprises us all is that sometimes the fans forget to which comics their favorite superheroes belong to. This happens quite often with those fans who were never the comics fan and due to the recent popularity of the superhero movies, have started watching and following these characters.

So today, we have prepared a quiz on DC and Marvel characters who recently appeared in the movies and you just need to select the comic house that owns the character. 

Let’s begin!

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