This Crazy Theory Explains How X-Men Could Be Brought Into the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe spans over 10 years and over 20 movies. It is undeniably the largest superhero movie franchise to date. The MCU has given us exceptional movies over the years. We have seen Thor lose everything and then grow into a king. We have seen Loki die, twice. We have seen Iron Man destroy his suits. We have seen the Captain battle in the World War II and then freeze over for nearly half of a century. We have even seen a young Steve Rogers attend the funeral of Peggy Carter (His love interest from the first movie).

This Crazy Theory Explains How X-Men Could Be Brought Into the MCU

We have seen Barton retire and we have seen the heroes going at each other in Civil War. We have seen a Fox franchise grow beside the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we have seen Sony release two amazing Spider-Man movies while Marvel studios found its initial footing in the entertainment industry.

Avengers 4 Hela Thor

Then, after all of this 19 movies long struggle, came Infinity War. The movie was a culmination of everything that had happened all throughout the tenure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every hero we had invested in, every story we had any care for, and every character we had grown to love fell in Infinity War. The movie showcased Thanos’ destruction and that was the centerpiece of the chaos that was Infinity War.

The movie saw the coalition of stories from 20 different pieces of media and over 40 main characters. It should be a clusterfuck of data, but thanks to the proficient and efficient filmmakers at Disney and Marvel it is not. Rather Infinity War is a beautiful culmination of everything that has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until now. But the question remains, how is the Marvel Cinematic Universe going to account for the conflicts it has created in the Infinity War.

After all, there is half of an entire universe hoping for redemption and vengeance against the Mad Titan and his forces of evil along with the infinity gems. Thanos may have thought that he was balancing the universe but in reality, he created forces that even he is not equipped to deal with. Captain Marvel is pegged to return and the biggest kicker of Infinity War was the God of Thunder himself.

The Mad Titan destroyed everything, he even destroyed the forge of the Gods, placed at the heart of a dying star but even that was not enough to stop Thor from acquiring the Stormbreaker and with it the power to fight off an infinity gauntlet powered Thanos. Although Thor was completely unable to stop Thanos from fulfilling his agenda of ending half of all life, the God of Thunder did succeed in impaling the Titan. But that was clearly not enough to stop him. Half of life still ended and the fans are still anticipating an all-out battle come Avengers 4.

But what is the chance that Avengers 4 will pull a fast one on all fans and do something completely different than what we have been anticipating? What if the next Avengers movie introduces a completely new villain to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What if at the end credits or even during the ending scenes of Avengers 4 we see a new villain rise from the ashes of the big final battle for the cosmos.

The fans theorize that it is quite possible that the Mad Titan Thanos will be blinked out of existence at the end of Infinity War. This will ensure that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is kept safely away from his lethal clutches, no matter what the future holds. But this blinking out of existence, how is this to happen? Well, the prevailing theory is that someone will (Either with the started gauntlet or the original infinity gauntlet) do another snap that will return everyone who dies back to the realm of the living.

It is this second snap that is expected to bring the Fox properties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You see, Fox and Disney have been hammering out the specifics of their merger and it is expected that the deal will be finalised right at the time of the release of Avengers 4. If all of this works out and the second snap does happen then it is more than likely that the X-Men will be introduced to the realm of Marvel Cinematic Universe this way. For if the gauntlet holds the power to kill half of all life it must also hold the power to bring them back with enhanced capabilities. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

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