10 Superpowers of Professor X We Bet You Didn’t Know!

In all the 8 series, we’ve seen Professor X sometimes with hair and sometimes bald, sometimes he is portrayed by James McAvoy and sometimes by Patrick Stewart and sometimes by both.  We’ve seen him walking and on wheelchair too. But, every time whatever be the situation, he is the same immensely powerful mutant who fights to co-exist with humans. Here are the 10 Powers of Professor X you didn’t know-

 1. Photographic Memory

Powers of Professor X

The greatest power he has is his photographic memory.  He can recall past information in video details and can transfer his intellect and telepathic powers in a very human way. On various occasions, he is seen as a frail old mutant but not to forget his power that makes him super intellectual mutant.

 2. His Ability to Learn and Teach New Languages in Minutes

Not only he can decode others mind and can learn other foreign languages within a minute but also he has an ability to teach those languages to others and communicate in those languages to humans and mutants that he had learned from others. This is his magical tool to communicate with anyone in any language.

 3. Power Transference

He has a superpower, to transfer his mind and powers into another host body which makes him immortal or un-killable in the Marvel‘s History.  He is seen as a mutant to whom Death is an unknown word. Many people think that why he does that, but then you aren’t alone.

 4. Camouflage

This is one of the fascinations that mutants have, ability to Camouflage. From changing his clothes, his face and body to match someone else’s, but the interesting part is that he doesn’t change this physically. He can convince others that he looks any way he wants to by hacking others mid and making their eyes see what he wants them to see and believe in.

 5. Invisibility

He can manipulate or can play with others perception and can edit out himself from others brain by replacing it with what’s behind him and this is a power which other heroes can just think about or can fantasize about. He can project illusions in other’s mind and can distract them. He has the powers that every mutant fantasize about.

 6. Communication with Animals

Professor X has the power to communicate with animals and to gain insight into their brain which is entirely different from a human or from a mutant. Like Ant-Man or Aquaman, his ability to communicate with animals enable him to control them should he so choose.

 7. Ability to Detect Mutant Powers

He has an ability to detect mutant powers by identifying distinct brain waves that only mutants possess.  By this, he is able to tell about which mutant can be a threat or which can become an ally.  He is able to amplify his ability and can use it in any part of the world.

 8. Genius Mind

He is an extraordinary mutant with a high level of intellect. His handy information often comes into use when trying to save the world. His groundbreaking research on genetics and on the mutation to his invention of Cerebro, he has an intellect of Tony Stark in a way. 

 9. Martial Arts and other Combat Skills

While traveling Asia, he learned Martial Arts and we’ve seen him fighting and his real talents on kicking and punching. But knowing that he has the ability to detect what other person gonna do next, he is too good to hit. He knows his enemy’s thinking and within a second, he can make them fall on the ground as coupled with his encyclopedic knowledge of the human body and pressure points, he can defeat anyone.

 10. Able to Emit ‘Mind Blots’

10 Superpowers of Professor X We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Professor X is actually able to project “mind bolts” into his enemies’ brains, thus stunning them and causing them whatever pain he so desires.  Although, those bolts don’t damage the body but can make someone unconscious, to cause severe mental trauma, or even – should Professor X so choose – to cause death.

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