Ant-Man Vs Venom – Here’s Why Even Giant Man Cannot Take Venom Down

With the movies of these two super-powered beings approaching quickly, a match-up between the two is worth a go. If Sony and MCU somehow get a deal going, then we could see this happening someday in a Spidey-Ant-Man Team up the movie where Ant-Man gets to take on this savage beast. Let’s analyze these two and deduce the winner.  


Venom originally appeared as a supervillain but has since become more of an antihero. Venom is a Symbiote, a sentient alien, with a gooey, slimy form which comes in Black. Similar to the real-world symbiotes, it also requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival. After bonding, the Symbiote transfers the enhanced powers it has on the host. When the Venom Symbiote bonds with a human, that new dual-life form is called “Venom”.

Venom first bonded with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, who eventually separated himself from the creature when he discovered its true nature. The Symbiote then went on to merge with many other hosts, and the most notable one was Eddie Brock, who is its second and most infamous host, with whom it first came to be called as ‘Venom’ and one of Spider-Man’s archenemies. In the upcoming Venom movie, there is not going to be any Spider-Man, so Venom will straight away bond with Brock.

Venom has some insane abilities which no other Superhero has. This symbiote is totally adaptable to any surrounding, it can be Spider-Man and much more than him, it never runs out of web, it has the ability to shapeshift, it has cloaking and camouflage skills, it can even grow back limbs and it has the genetic ability to transfer its learning and powers from host to host. Venom is the ultimate Killing machine! The only disadvantage this symbiote has is that it is vulnerable to sonic noises.


Scott Lang is an ex-convict and an electronics expert who was hired by Hank Pym himself (in the movies) to steal the Ant-Man suit and become the new Ant-Man. Using a gaseous form of “Pym particles” kept in a compartment in his belt, Ant-Man has the power to shrink himself (and other people and objects along with himself) to the size of an ant and be back to normal.

Over time, he has acquired the ability to change size at his own will. His cybernetic helmet allows elementary telepathic communication with insects and is equipped with sound amplification equipment allowing normal-sized humans to hear him. The helmet also has a sheathable plexiglass face shield and a limited air supply. Lang retained his normal strength in ant size.

Scott Lang can also shrink to sub-microscopic size, which allows him to enter the countless “subatomic universes”. He has advanced training and expertise in electronics, having earned an electronics technician certificate, plus additional advanced electronics training he received while in prison. At times, Lang even made his own modifications to the Ant-Man equipment, such as installing the Pym gas dispenser in his helmet rather than leaving it on his belt or mounting an electric disruptor into his helmet for offensive purposes. Reverse engineering the Pym particles, he also has the ability to turn himself into Giant man.

Ant-Man vs Venom

Ant-Man Vs Venom


Well, Venom is the big guy in this fight who is actually much powerful against the likes of Ant-Man who is a mere human. But don’t cast him out just yet as he is a pretty smart guy who would surely come prepared if he knows that a battle like this is going to happen. Also, it may not take him long to actually become the bigger guy against an opponent which is way stronger than him. Giant Man could trouble Venom for a while but it is not a permanent solution for this fight as Venom’s acquired powers from the likes of Spider-Man will surely help him bring down the Giant Man as it happened in Civil War. Also, the acquired Spider-sense would help against the slower attacks of Giant Man.

Ant-Man Vs Venom
Ant-Man Vs Venom

Ant-Man could bring in the Quantum Realm to a big advantage, as repeatedly going subatomic would even keep Venom guessing and he if Ant-Man keeps constant repeated attacks on, then he may really trouble Venom. If Ant-Man comes prepared to have some sonic blasters then it may be Game Set Match for him. Moreover, if he does get hold of those Sonic Blasters, he could make them huge using the Pym Particles and be becoming Giant Man, he could take out Venom for good. But there are a lot of ifs involved here, and to do all this, Ant-Man has to be really fast. Venom, on the other hand, has to get hold of Ant-Man just once and he could literally kill him in no time!

While Venom wins this fight, a face-off between their upcoming movies would surely have Ant-Man and the Wasp come out on top! 

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