Here’s How Avengers 4 Would Lead To The MCU Phase 4

Avengers Infinity War was arguably one of the greatest movies to come out of the MCU’s decade-long run. The movie solidified Thanos as a cruel tyrant who would go to any lengths to get exactly what he wants. It also glorified and vilified the main antagonist at the same time when it chastised the objective of Thanos but the writers chose to give him a moral spin. ‘Perfectly balanced, like all things should be’. We were led to believe that Thanos was on a crusade to cleanse this universe so that every being may have enough for survival and each creature prospers. The way he went about it was by the killing off half the population of the known universe. Not the most prudent move, but effective nonetheless.

With the end of Infinity War, we saw the death of many individual superheroes. The majority of the Guardian of the Galaxy were wiped out, including Groot and Peter Quill. A plethora of the Avengers was disappeared into nothingness as the full consequence of the snap by Thanos becomes clear. It was heartbreaking to go through that whole sitting in a movie theatre, to see Spider-Man fade into nothingness when the MCU just hit him back.

Although Kevin Feige and Russo brother continuously claim that the deaths in Infinity War will be permanent, the fans know better than to believe these writers. Of course, Spider-Man is coming back. They have new projects lined up and even though the studio might consider replacing the entire Guardians of the Galaxy they will never stop printing money off of Spider-Man.

The guardians are likely to see an end to their current iteration with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy  3. And although the new generation of heroes will take up the mantle of leaders and protectors as the new Avengers, there will be a whole new cosmic hole when the Guardians retire. This is because with the guardians gone the entire scope of every movie in phase four will always be predictable.

Take Douglas Adams for example. The man was a writer, he painted a picture for you but kept you guessing where the humor was gonna come from. So if the wild cards like Guardians of the Galaxy are gone then there need to be someone to deal with cosmic level threats.

The hint to this came in the form of comics, two specific incidents in fact. First of all in a recent Iron Man comic Tony outrightly accepted the existence of Eternals in Avengers and the next hint comes from the publishing house itself since Marvel chose to rebuild and republish the Eternals comic book.

It seems that Marvel is ready to and planning to introduce the team of intergalactic beings who can control reality and can travel through time at will. The Eternals were the perfectly logical beings and near perfect genetic samples. They were meant to be the next step in evolution but ended up being a separate species and had to vacate earth. Maybe this reference in the Avengers comic and the reorient of Eternals comics means that we are finally getting the Eternals in the movies.


It is quite apparent that they will not appear in the sequel to Infinity War. Although the shootings for the movie are all complete Marvel is still keeping the true storyline well Inder wraps. Be that as it may, it easily seems like the Eternals could be a part of Avengers 4. If not their physical manifestation then a proper reference to the beings. Because when Guardians of the Galaxy  3 comes out you can be damn sure that it will be the Eternals who are the first to take the center stage.

They are also liable to take over as the cosmic protectors of our known universe. Seeing as captain Marvel is rumored to destroy three infinity gems it is highly likely that the Eternals will play a pivotal role in Guardians 3. It might also be possible that the writers choose to approve the story where the Eternals are the ones who create Adam Warlock. As a sort of a new ringleader for the guardians. For we know that Adam Warlock has always been the part of Guardians and not the Avengers. Maybe this is the fact that we need to Evaluate before jumping to any conclusions.

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