Gotham Season 2: Is Wayne Enterprises H.Y.D.R.A of DC Universe?

Gotham Season 2 has been upping the ante with each episode, it’s narrative has moved rapidly into the uncharted waters, which is making the show quite entertaining and irresistible to watch, particularly if you are a DC Comics fan. In the sixth episode titled “By Fire”, a big cliff hanger was left in the end which has sent shockwaves across the spectrum. We always knew that Wayne Enterprises is engaged in shady business dealings, black marketing, money laundering and other illegal activities. But, having a subsidiary performing experiments on “Monsters” is a whole new level. Here are 3 most shocking moments from the latest episode:

Wayne Enterprises is the H.Y.D.R.A of DC Universe:


At the end of the episode, it was revealed that a shady lab of Wayne Enterprises is preparing to perform experiments on a flame thrower after she burnt herself in an effort to ward off GCPD’s attempts to arrest her. This makes Wayne Enterprises like H.Y.D.R.A or Oscorp engaged in dangerous scientific pursuits.

Miss Kringle is dead:


It was clear from the start of the episode that a big moment was building between Nygma and Kringle. Finally, he revealed that he killed her ex-boyfriend when he refused to change his behavior and assaulted him. Kristen was shocked to know this and broke up with him, Ed tried to persuade her that he did it for her, but strangled her to death instead. Nygma inches closer to become the “Riddler”.

Penguin is ready to storm into Galavan’s compound:


In the last episode, we learnt that Penguin sent Butch to Galavan’s camp to help him find the whereabouts of his mother. He was soon exposed, but managed to escape from Tigress, told Penguin about the location of his mother. Penguin is ready with his cavalry to penetrate the compound and bring back his mother.


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