The MCU Is Creating A Supernatural Team Of Marvel Heroes From The UK

So far, Marvel has expanded in several directions. They’ve brought us extreme levels of sci-fi with technology and time travel. We’ve witnessed the Mystic Arts. The cosmic end is always growing. And Phase 4 is taking a deep dive into the multiverse. We are also getting several new teams with this constant expansion and exploration. And now we think that the MCU is bringing in a team of Marvel Heroes from the UK.

Black Widow introduced us to a Russian squad. The Young Avengers are being set up. The Thunderbolts will be united. The Illuminati are coming in Doctor Strange 2. The Marvels will give us some sort of an A-Force union. And along with all these team-ups, I believe that Marvel is also creating a UK based team of heroes. They’ve already played their hand for that in Eternals. Kit Harrington played Dane Whitman. And as Sersi suggested, he probably tried to make amends with his uncle, who is the villainous Black Knight that went by the name of Nathan Garrett.


Whatever Whitman did behind the scenes in Eternals led him to the mystery Sword, which is most likely the Ebony Blade. This blade can cut through anything. Who knows, the MCU might give it the ability to cut through Vibranium as well. Anyway, the blade also granted its user the power to not die. Yes, I literally mean invulnerability from death. And that’s the kind of ability Whitman could get once he wields the black sword. Just as he was about to do it, a mystery voice asked him if he was ready to do that.


As we all know by now, this mystery persona was none other than Mahershala Ali’s Blade, making his MCU debut. So with his union with Dane Whitman, Marvel seems to have set up the MI-13 team from the comics. This team includes Blade, Black Knight, Captain Britain and several others. But at the same time, Blade has also been rumoured to appear in Moon Knight for a long while now.


Both Blade and Moon Knight are supposed to deal with Supernatural elements. Moon Knight is bringing in the Egyptian Gods. His series is also said to lead us into Werewolf by Night. Meanwhile, Blade will bring in mythic creatures like Vampires, and probably even Dracula. So yes, Marvel is taking a deep dive into supernatural elements, and they’d introduce us to different kinds of magic.


Marvel Heroes from the UK

We’ve already seen various types of them with Strange using the Mystic arts, Agatha using dark magic, Loki using Asgardian magic and so on. Now Moon Knight could give us a magical element of its own. And guess what, Black Knight’s Ebony Blade is also enchanted with a magic spell. Do you want to know another common factor between him and Moon Knight? Apparently, both of them are operating in London. Or at least Moon Knight started in London but has now moved to Egypt.


Dane Whitman worked in Natural History Museum in London. And Marc Spector’s alternate personality, Steven Grant has a job in the British Museum in London. In the comics, Marc Spector operates as a vigilante in the US. But the MCU likes to make changes to the comics to fit their own narrative. So it seems that we’ll see Moon Knight as a hero, or I should say an Anti-hero in London. And that could link him with Black Knight and Blade.


We initially thought that Marvel would give us a Midnight Sons team with Blade, Moon Knight and perhaps Ghost Rider. But since the US has several teams of Superheroes including the Avengers, they seem to be placing Blade’s team in London. And we will probably get a mix of the Midnight Sons and Mi-13 over here. Because the team is in London, it is obvious that Captain Britain could join it as well. He has close links with Black Knight in the comics. He is a part of the Mi-13 squad.


We’ve been hearing rumours of Captain Britain getting a movie with Black Knight since 2018. His powers are driven by magic. He uses the Amulet of Right to gain abilities like super strength, flight, super speed, and super durability from interdimensional energies. And his arrival has already been teased in Avengers: Endgame. So, London is probably becoming a hub for the Supernatural, and it is good to see that we are getting a UK based team.


Betsy Braddock should be another character who could come into the mix here. But those who wished to see Ghost Rider or the Punisher along with Blade and Moon Knight may or may not get their wishes fulfilled. That’s just because Moon Knight and Blade’s affiliations are in London. But let’s wait and see how things turn out in the future. Maybe my hunch would turn out to be incorrect. Or maybe not. What do you guys think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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