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The Final Scene Of Venom 2 Is A Big Sony-Marvel Metaphor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to unprecedented levels. The studio has taken the universe from a single movie to an intertwined ring of the beautiful tapestry that is showing no signs of slowing down. One of the main reasons for Marvel’s unprecedented success is that they have constantly tried listening to their fans. When they were criticized for Spider-Man’s exclusion they brought him into the fold and it seems that they are going to be doing a similar thing for Venom. The after-credits scene in the latest SPUMC is proof of this. But we think that the final scene of Venom 2 Is A Big Sony-Marvel Metaphor.

As the SPUMC gears up we get to see a whole new dimension to the character themselves. Up until this point, Venom and Brock had always been villains on the big screen. But with SPUMC’s Venom-verse we have come to a point where a new dimension of the character has popped up. It is not something unheard of, after all, Venom has been an anti-hero in the comics for decades. But the truly interesting thing is that this anti-hero has been brought Into the fold of the MCU now.


After fighting all those symbiotes in the SPUMC the black symbiote has finally made its way into the MCU. In the after-credits scene of Venom: Let there be Carnage we come across Venom and Eddie Brock lounging in a dingy hotel room while watching TV. At this point, the symbiote informs Eddie that he has millions of years’ worth of knowledge from the Klyntar hive mind. This knowledge is not limited by universes and realities and if the symbiote were to share it with his host it would blow Eddie’s mind, quite literally.


Venom 2 Is A Big Sony-Marvel Metaphor

As soon as VENOM says this the entire reality of Eddie Brock shifts. Little does he know that the character has just shifted universes from SPUMC to MCU. The universe is not the only shift that happens in this transition. In fact, the room in which the symbiote is staying also shifts from a dingy cabin to an upper-class hotel room. The bedsheet, the curtains, the pillows, and even the towels turn into a nicer variant of themselves. This is most likely done to show the contrast between the two universes.


But it can also be inferred as a metaphor for both the cinematic universes. The after-credits scene in Venom 2 Is A Big Sony-Marvel Metaphor because it highlights the difference in their style of movie-making. At this date, Marvel boasts big budgets and star casts that have no equivalent in the entire industry. But Sony is just starting to flesh out their universe and yet their main character sees himself being flung into a world full of the unknown. This is signified by the shift in the room and the state of the room.


It is speculated that the dingy cabin is supposed to represent Sony’s position in the comic book movie industry and the push hotel room is supposed to represent Marvel. We think that this conclusion and speculation is largely pre-mature because there is no way a sony writer would do their own studio but if the shoe fits… It is unlikely that this was the planned interpretation but I am happy for it in any measure.


The Future

The real question is what will happen with Venom in the next few years. Will the character stay in the MCU or transition back to the SPUMC? Maybe he will find a way to travel between the universes and end up reconciling them with each other. We cannot wait to find out how all this transpires. In fact here is a list of all the ways Venom could continue to be a part of the MCU and SPUMC. Take a look.


This was our analysis of how the after-credits scene in Venom 2 Is A Big Sony-Marvel Metaphor. Do you think our theory makes sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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