Why MCU Needs To Keep Katy and Shang-Chi Friends Only

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings gave us a hint at how awesome the upcoming ventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to get. The movie had the perfect balance of family stories and at the same time paid a tribute to the culture and mythology of China. Being the first time that such a character was introduced, Marvel has made sure they know what they are doing and such characters are in good hands to get a nicer MCU introduction. One of the most exciting bits about the movie was the friendship that Shang-Chi shared with his best friend Katy. Here’s a look at why MCU needs to keep Katy and Shang-Chi best friends and not make it any more complicated.

The Movie

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of the best origin stories of a new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie has become one of the major hits coming from the studio with comparisons being drawn to Black Panther as one of the best solo venture storylines. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was also able to introduce us to some of the most interesting characters as they were introduced as an addition to the already vast number of characters in the MCU. One of the major highlights of the movie was the bond shared by Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi and Awkwafina’s Katy Chen. 


Katy Chen

Katy and Shang-Chi

Katy Chen was one of the most interesting additions to the MCU. Her friendship with Shang-Chi played out an essential part of the movie as we got to explore Shang-Chi through her. Humor plays a major role in MCU movies. The majority of the movies try to make sure that the comedy is treated as an essential part of the movies and often the studio gives a larger leeway for the fun moments.


Thor: Ragnarok can be considered to be the prime example of this as even the director said that some of the jokes in that movie have “no business being in cinema, let alone in a Thor film.” Though it was believed based on the initial moments of the character, that Katy was going to be comic relief but it was later realized that she had more depth and more characterization than that. She played a pivotal part in the journey of Shang-Chi and his character development and she even had a hand in defeating the Dweller in Darkness in the final act of the movie. It was as if her character was a window at how we are supposed to be in the world of Shang-Chi as she was highly relatable. 


The Bond Between Katy and Shang-Chi

Katy and Shang-Chi

One of the major questions making rounds amongst the fans is what can we expect from the bond that the two shared in the upcoming parts of the movie. The wonderment about a possible romance between the two characters is fairly obvious. Even Katy’s family seems to be keen on the idea of romance between them. It is taken as a funny note but it seems like there could be a chance of both of them being a romantic pair based on the previous movies in the MCU. We have seen that whenever a female character is introduced next to the protagonist, they both end up being a couple. It has become something of a running theme in the MCU movies. With Pepper Potts and Peggy Carter becoming the prime examples of such a relationship, it is not exactly a very healthy idea in pop culture.


It would be rather fun to see them remain, friends, even if Katy’s family keeps bringing the idea. This would actually help break the traditional way the two characters are being treated in the movie. The dynamic is something fresh and original and much more fun than what we have seen before in these movies. This would make Katy’s character a lot more interesting too as she will not become a plus one in the movies and have a strong and impressive persona of her own self. This could be a good deal considering the future projects in the MCU become much more vast for the duo. Here’s to seeing a lot more karaoke and absolutely perfect reactions from a shocked Katy.


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