10 Things That Make ‘John Wick’ The Best Action Franchise Ever

John Wick loves his puppy. John Wick hates to kill. Yet life took from him the former and he was left with nothing but the latter. Now, his life has only one objective – kill or be killed. When those lowlifes broke into his house and killed his only buddy in this whole wide world, they opened a Pandora’s Box. The movie was awesome. The sequel lived up to what was expected of it. But did you know that John Wick, when it released, has created a revolution in the action genre as you know it?!?!? Presenting – 10 things that make John Wick the Best Action Franchise ever!!!

 1. Style, Grace, and Elegance

John Wick and the action romance that was portrayed on screen were stylish, suave and filled with blaze and glory. Before John Wick came to the movie-making industry, there was just blood and gore and a lot of bullets. John Wick gave rhythm to this chaos. Wick was the first guy to spill blood on his own face and look good while doing it.

 2. The Introduction of Gun Fu

Gun Fu was first shown in the 90’s Chinese movies where the oriental heroes started using Kung Fu with projectile weaponry, which soon morphed into the usage of guns and action in a single shot. Gun Fu has a sister art called Gun Kata which was first seen in Equilibrium. The style was then lost to the millions of scripts that Hollywood churns out every year until John Wick came to town.

 3. No CGI or bullsh*t comedy but Pure Action

Action movies used to be good old shootouts and punches and kicks. Then came CGI. But even then, the movies turned out to be good to some extent. But with the passage of time, that too went down the drain. Movies were all about helicopters and big rig trucks and fighter jets. It was never about the hero. It was always about how much money you could pump into your movie.

 4. Murder done right

Murder is always associated with evil and death. When the heroes do it, they glorify it but it still looks ugly on screen. John Wick is the first movie where even murder is made to look like an art. You can see guns and knives flying all around. When even a henchman dies, John Wick kills the said guy with such panache that you cannot stop gawking at how effortlessly you did it.

 5. Stylish Shooting

Shooting is a pretty simple thing. You aim and you pull the trigger, right? WRONG!!! For John Wick, shooting is just as beautiful as an ice skater dancing in the Winter Olympics. It can only take a stroke of genius to turn even shooting look like Picasso painting yet another masterpiece.

 6. Wickedly Cool Underworld

The Underworld is no more a place of ugly mean men with fat faces ordering henchmen around whose faces were even fatter. In John Wick, the Underworld is professional, unlike anything we have ever seen. They have rules, laws to abide by and an organized approach to things. That is some next level stuff.

 7. A New Fighting Style

Heroes don’t get hit. They hit and make the other guy stand down. That was the motto before John Wick came into the picture. He gets hit and hits back. But his style involves not taking hits but avoiding them as much as possible while providing the maximum punishment to his enemies with anything he can find right nearby him.

 8. The Overall Vision of the Directors

The Directors, believe it or not, are not actually directors by trade. David Leitch used to be a stunt coordinator and the Wachowski brothers are actually more of an action choreography manager duo rather than the ones who directed it. But that all changed in John Wick, where dance and death amalgamated in such a harmonic term that the result was purely astonishing.

 9. Same old plot but with a different direction

The plot of John Wick is the same old trodden path that Hollywood action movies have been following since age. The bad guy kills one of the good guys’ loved ones and it pushes the latter over the edge. John Wick is already bad, and never (not even once) loses control of the fight and h makes sure that the city could experience minimal violence instead of no violence.

 10. His quest for vengeance symbolizes something way too deep

If you thought it was the puppy that made John come back and kill them all, you are dead wrong!! That Puppy surely was a very big factor but that is not the only thing John Wick went against the Mafia for. He is actually pissed at the fact that an underage group of thugs outsmarted him in his own house and made him come back to the game. John is angry at the fact that even though he tried so hard to leave his past behind, luck never ever favours him.

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