Harry Potter: 10 Things You Did Not Know About the Golden Trio

Harry, Ron and Hermione have set the friendship goals for our generation and we lovingly call them the golden trio. These three friends were there for each other in times of great peril and stood beside each other until the end. Harry Potter may have been the chosen one but he had a great amount of help from his two best friends who accompanied him in every danger and proved they were his biggest supporters.

 1. Hermione wasn’t good at everything:

Things You Did Not Know About the Golden Trio

Hermione Granger was the brightest witch of her age and on countless occasions, her wit and bravery saved the day and we shouldn’t forget that Hermione was also a teenager and therefore wasn’t perfect. She had the sharpest brain but often lost to Ron at wizards chess. Also, she was afraid of flying and was therefore bad at it.

 2. Harry and Ron never completed their seventh year at Hogwarts:

As we all know the golden trio had a huge task to finish in their seventh year and went on to find Horcruxes and defeat Voldemort instead of attending Hogwarts. JKR once revealed that Hermione probably went back to complete her education and attended Hogwarts for another year after the battle of Hogwarts had ended but Harry and Ron never completed their education. This sounds exactly like their characters and makes total sense.

 3. Hermione’s boggart:

Every person has multiple fears and boggart is the representation of our biggest fear at the moment. Hermione’s boggart is something pretty obvious and something we totally expect from her. Her biggest fear is basically fear of failure and she saw professor McGonagall giving her an F in an exam. Academics mattered a lot to Hermione and she couldn’t bear the thought of failing in them.

 4. Ron’s finest achievement:

Ron Weasley was the heart of the golden trio and his presence made every moment light up. Ron did not have the professional success that most people wish for and some might even say that he did not achieve as much professional success as the other two. According to JKR, for Ron, his biggest achievement was to be featured on a chocolate frog card that he used to collect as a kid.

 5. Harry’s eye colour:

We have heard a million times that Harry has his mother’s green eyes right? Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes and because he had some issues wearing contacts they didn’t make his eyes green. They also hired a blue eyed actress to play the adult Lily and all was fine. In the last movie however we see the younger version of Lily and she has brown eyes! So Harry never had green eyes and in the end, he did not even have the same eyes as his mom.

 6. Hermione’s sister:

We know that Hermione was a single child and her parents were muggles but initially, JK Rowling had some different plans for the Granger family. She had planned on giving Hermione a younger sister who would also be a witch and would enter Hogwarts 3 or 4 years later. However, she forgot about this plan and later it was too late to add such an important character.

 7. Harry has a phobia of pigeons:

It may sound weird at first that the boy wizard was afraid of pigeons but it is true. In the cursed child, Harry reveals to his son Albus Potter that he has a phobia of pigeons and they creep him out. At first, Albus doesn’t believe him but then Harry explains how he finds them nasty and dirty and that he cannot stand them. This little detail shows Albus that his world famous dad is actually just a regular guy who has his flaws and fears too.

 8. Hermione became the Minister for magic:

We all know that Harry became an auror like he wanted to but did you know Hermione achieved the highest success in terms of professional achievement? Through the democratic vote, Hermione was elected as the minister of magic which means she was the head of the wizarding community of Britain for at least seven years and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

 9. Ron’s boggart and patronus:

It is simply fascinating how Ron Weasley is one of those characters that are the closest to JKR’s heart. She has stated how she gave him some features from her own life and how he was one of the first characters she imagined. Ron’s boggart is a spider and JK Rowling feels she would have the same boggart. Also Ron’s patronus is a Jack Russel Terrier which was actually JKR’s pet in real life.

 10. Harry lost his ability to speak Parseltongue:

One of the coolest powers Harry Potter had was his rare ability to speak to snakes but remember he only had this power because he was a horcrux and had received some of Voldemort’s powers on the night his parents died. When that part of Voldemort’s soul inside Harry was destroyed this ability was destroyed too. Harry could no longer speak to snakes.

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