New Easter Egg for Captain America: The First Avenger Spotted in Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War was one of the most anticipated movies of all time. The movie showcased the finale to the first ever multi-layered and interconnected franchise in the superhero genre, the idea was to start the beginning of the end of the first ever series arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige chose to do this by bringing in Thanos. The Mad Titan finally decided to get off his ass and collect the infinity stones to forward his ulterior motives (Balance the universe). The Mad Titan is a mighty beast who has the capability to destroy the universe on a whim. He has been doing it for a lot of time. Going around from planet to planet killing the population and then moving on to a different planet, a different species. Thanos has a habit of muddying the history of a place that he invades, for he calls it mercy.

Easter egg for Captain america: The First avenger Avengers: Infinity War

You see, it is the Mad Titan’s firm belief that the universe simply does not have enough resources to sustain its current population. It is thus that the Mad Titan wishes to eradicate half of all life in creation so can everyone can have enough. Gandhi once said,

“The earth has enough for man’s need, but not enough for his greed”.

It seems that the Mad Titan believes that men and other beings, in general, lack the basic capability of being selfless. The Avengers are a direct contrast to this belief because the Avengers are a group of people that operate selflessly beyond the limits of human understanding. They stand in between us and evil and they push back.


 They seek out evil and choose to stop it in its track. They treat it as their job. The two Avengers that represent these ideals the best are Steve Rogers aka Captain America and Iron Man aka Tony Stark.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, we saw the young Steve Rogers got the superhero/ super soldier serum for the first time. The serum transformed the young lanky fellow into a hulking and buff individual who was operating at the peak of human capability. The power of Steve Rogers represents the American dream and the power behind the ideals that America holds in the highest regard. It was, rather an abrupt decision on the part of the studio to kill of Steve Rogers in the first movie of the character. Although, the act was needed to complete the origin story of Steve Rogers. After all, he is a man out of time.

There is a scene in the first Captain America movie where Steve Rogers calls Peggy Carter when he is in the Red Skull’s plane. The villain is defeated and the space stone rests on a mantle in the middle of the chamber. We see Captain America inform Peggy Carter that he will crash the plane in the glacier so that no one ever gets their hands on the space stone ever again. While the scene in itself is powerful, there is something about the background score that makes the entire sequence come alive. The song is called “This is my choice” and it is the same song that plays in Infinity War when Tony Stark calls Pepper Potts to tell her about his decision of going to space. This easter egg was spotted by the fans and the directors were questioned by fans. The brothers had this to say:

“I think Alan recommended this,” Joe said. “We were sitting in a room with him and he pulled out an iPhone and started playing it from the original Avengers soundtrack just over the cut and everybody in the room went crazy. So we said, ‘all right, that’s a great idea.’ Then we knew we needed a big piece of the score for Thor so, we thought, early on, when we’re conceiving the film it was very important to us, as directors, to identify two or three key moments where that theme could come in. As I said I think it’s the best thing that we have for music in the Marvel Universe just for recognizably and connection to the audience.”

It is hoped by the fandom that this parallel drawn in Infinity War will be expanded upon in the next Avengers movie. We hope to see something new come out of the studio once Avengers 4 hits theatres. May 4, come fast.

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