The Arrowverse Crossover Dates Have been Announced with a Batwoman Twist

The Arrowverse is actually the MCU of TV as it is as established as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now, with more than 30 Superheroes of the DC Universe being active in their respective cities/shows. It all began with Arrow, but it was The Flash who really opened up the shared Universe by bringing in the Metahumans. Arrow kept it grounded to reality for a while, but then it steadily opened up to the big fictitious world. As these two shows established so many characters which the fans began to love, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow got its moment to shine. Then came in the strongest of them all, Supergirl.

From the last 2 years/2 seasons of every Arrowverse show, we have been enjoying the big crossover events that bring all our favourite Superheroes of the Arrowverse together. What’s best is that the crossover always takes place for more than 1 episode. So we get multiple nights of sheer awesomeness! Earlier, the Flash and Arrow used to have surprise appearances with each other. The Flash did the same with Supergirl as well. Then the Legends happened and CW brought Supergirl into their own shared Universe with the Infinite Earth’s theory of The Flash. And from there on, the big crossover nights of the Arrowverse began. 

The first Crossover actually happened for 4 consecutive nights where the heroes teamed up for 4 whole episodes in order to fight off an alien invasion. The second big crossover event used the Infinite Earths theory and there the supers actually fought evil Nazi versions of themselves. This crossover was shorter than the last one as it lasted only 2 episodes, but the roster of the heroes was even bigger this time around.

Now, CW has announced the dates for this year’s crossover, and we are glad to see that this time the big event will last for 3 whole nights. The Flash will be the first Arrowverse show to return on October 9. It will be followed by Supergirl on October 14 and Arrow on October 15. Legends will have their season premiere at the end on October 22. All these shows will then lead up to the big Crossover night where all Superheroes are going to go against a new threat.

But there will be something very different with this year’s crossover. CW announced the dates of the crossover this year with the photo given above.  As we can see in the image, it will begin with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8 pm ET, Arrow will continue it on Monday, December 10 at 8 pm ET and then Supergirl will end it on Tuesday, December 11 at 8 pm ET. 

So the difference this time around will be the fact that the Legends will not be included in the big crossover. It does look great when a huge roster of Superheroes come together, but it does get really difficult for the writers to manage and justify screen time for all. So, it is good in a way that the Legends will not be included in the crossover this time. On the other hand, we will actually have a Batwoman twist in it, as the Bat Signal in the image signifies exactly that. 

Another peculiar detail if you might have noticed in this announcement image says that the opening episode will be a special night (The Flash), then it will be a regular episode (The Arrow) and the final night will again be a special night (Supergirl). So, this could mean that the crossover events will mainly take place on the nights when The Flash and Supergirl will air, and Arrow will more or less continue the story of its own season much like Supergirl did in the first ever crossover even, as it connected to the crossover at the very end. 

Arrowverse Crossover Batwoman

Ruby Rose was recently cast as Batwoman in the Arrowverse by CW, and now it is official that she will begin her story arc from December making her debut in the Arrowverse crossover. Hopefully this year’s crossover turns out to be the best one yet. With the legends not in the picture, it can actually focus more upon Team Flash, Team Arrow and Team Supergirl, with Kate Kane aka Batwoman in the mix. With Batwoman, we will obviously get to see CW’s first look at Gotham which will be amazing. 

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