DCEU: Is Supergirl Solo Movie In The Works?

The past year has been quite rough for the DC Extended Universe. The movie franchise saw one of its most publicized and anticipated releases fall flat on its face as Justice League came crashing down. Even the revival of everyone’s favorite superhero, the Superman, the Justice League terribly bad at the box office. The novelty wore off after the first epic saga of an origin story in the name of Man of Steel and then the over-hyped disaster that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We have seen Warner Bros. continuously slander the expectations of its fans over and over from the inception of the DCEU franchise. No matter how much we lower the bar, DC movies continue to disillusion and disappoint us.

Lynda Carter Fourth Season of Supergirl

This can’t go on and even the higher-ups at Warner Bros. studios realize and maybe that is the reason why we have seen such a massive and abrupt change in tone of DCEU movies ever since the Justice League. The movies now adopt a much lighter tone and deal with heavy subjects but know to keep it light-hearted. It’s not a bad strategy by any means, but it seems like massive hypocrisy when compared to the average script and tone of something like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The evil and dark version of the world that we received in the second DCEU movie seems like hell compared to the supposed desolate wasteland of Justice League. With the outre of Zack Snyder from the franchise, we may never get to see the DCEU of our dreams but we will surely receive a substitute in its place.

Even if the substitute is something like Justice League or the new reported Supergirl movie in production. What is that? You did not know about there being a Supergirl movie in production? Well, there is a Supergirl movie in production. Not only that, it is reported that the movie already has a writer and a script is being prepared as you read this. Deadline reports that it is Oren Uziel (the writer of 22 jump street) who has been approached by DC to develop a script for DC and Warner Bros’ Supergirl.

Supergirl Movie

Well, this is certainly happy news considering how much fans have been begging for Kara over the years. Supergirl is perhaps the only member of the Superman family of superheroes who get just as much love as Clarke himself.

But the real question is what does all of this mean for the future of the DCEU, something that already seems to be clouded by darkness and despair. Even though the DC franchise of movies chose to commercialize and go the Marvel route, they still could not do with Justice League what Marvel accomplished with the Avengers. The DC movie franchise has no character that drives it. With the Batman property in shambles and the fandom being barraged by Superman over and over, how long do you think dc has before the fandom prepares for a backlash. The DC movie franchise will not survive that. In fact, if the viewership goes any lower than it already is the DC film franchise will be dead in the water.

If DC is in fact in such thick waters and on such thin ice then why do they continue to make mediocre movies and then approve or seek to develop projects that will be stuck in development hell forever. I only request the executives at Warner Brothers to make a proper decision and give us something to be proud of in the DCEU.

Detective Comics has always had the monopoly when it comes to comic storylines. Their story arcs are so intricate and interwoven that we can’t do much else but gall at their magnificence. Why can’t they bring some of that magic in their movies? The fans have been literally begging for a proper Batman movie for so long and yet all the DCEU pushes out is more and more commercialized mediocre garbage. It’s not bad, it’s just average. But a Supergirl movie could change things for the DCEU, in more ways than you could imagine. Read on to find out how.

Supergirl Solo Movie

Supergirl is also known as Kara-Zor-EL, she is the first cousin to Kal-EL and she was sent to earth to serve as the protector to Superman. If you think that’s funny then you will be astonished to know that Supergirl has even more brute strength than Kal-El himself, or so the comic lore suggests. What this means is that the DCEU landscape is going to be experiencing a paradigm shift and we might get our first glimpse of Darkseid after all.

How does Darkseid come into all of this? Two Words: Hellbat Armor. There is an entire storyline where Kal finds Kara and then Darkseid invades to eliminate the Kryptonian threats. The only way the good guys win is because of the ingenuity of Batman. Surely a story that we would like to see on the big screen.

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