Confirmed: Venom Does Not Have the Spider Symbol on His Chest!

Ever since Sony announced the release of the new Venom film, fans have paced themselves for the thrill of this movie. It is largely expected that the new Venom movie will be a dark and gritty take on the Spider-Man universe. It seems that the Venom movie will aim to establish Venom as a solo player in the Spiderman universe vs the original iteration of the character as the most prominent villain of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. The fans have been riled up and kept in the dark for too long. We need redemption and we need it now.

Maybe this is the reason that Sony decided to unveil the Venom trailer at SDCC 2018. The San Diego Comic-Con saw the release of what some would call a teaser for the new Venom project. We get a few action sequences and other miscellaneous information but the best piece of information that the fandom has extracted from the teaser is the fact the Venom no longer sports a Spider symbol on his chest.

This is revolutionary because it now allows the fans the chance to narrow down their theoretical predictions. Now that we know that Sony has completely washed its hands off of the Spider-Man property, we can easily narrow down the storyline that Venom would take inspiration from, I mean the comic, it would be ‘adapted’ from Lord.

First of all the very fact that Sony no longer wants to go with the classic Venom look (the one with a black symbiote enhanced by the large White Spider on the chest) tells us something. It tells us that Sony is very conscious of the properties it no longer owns. It was known to fans that the Marvel Cinematic Universe re-acquired Spiderman and hence released homecoming. The plot here seems to continue that trend because as soon as the Disney Spiderman debut the faster Sony Spider symbol disappears. It would seem rather prudent that Sony no longer has any rights on the Spiderman property and they have chosen to remove all reference of the character from their universe, or perhaps this is an indication for the facts because this Venom has never met the Spiderman.

Eddie Brock of this universe has never worked at the daily planet, he has never met Jonah Jameson and neither has he ever had a confrontation with the Spiderman of this universe. But we cannot say the same about the black symbiote, or can we? Let’s take a look at the entire picture, the Sony property that seems to be developing here seems completely inclined towards developing and substantiating the origin story of Venom. We are going to get a gritty and dark rebelling for the Spiderman verse, but how will it proceed?

Venom Spider Symbol

We already know from the trailer that the movie is going to focus on Eddie Brock and his adventures and encounters with the agents who wish to experiment on him and his Venom suit. Somewhere in the trailer, you hear a very specific, “I came here to get ….. property back”. This indicates that the Venom symbiote has been on earth for a long time, or if it recently appeared it has been monopolized and seized by a single organization.

This organization seems to have only one aim they want to learn and control symbiote so they can easily manipulate their power to their advantage. ‘the next step of evolution for humankind’s that’s a bunch of bullshit that the corporates of that world are feeding us. It’s an excuse for their kind to justify their experiment on humans and their inhumane treatment of their test subjects.

There is another thing worth noting in the Venom trailer. It’s the fact that Eddie Brock is not the only one taken over by the black symbiote. Although Eddie seems to be their most recent and most successful project, it seems rather apparent that the corporation has taken other test subjects before (whether by voluntary action or force) and these humans have been driven insane by the existence of a symbiote in their body. These humans seem to be hell-bent on a feral rage and it won’t surprise me if they are the powered up antagonists that our anti-hero faces in this iteration of the Spider-verse.

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