10 Times Hulk Smashed His Opponent To Smithereens

Hulk is no doubt one of the strongest super being in the realm of superheroes and everyone knows that mighty Hulk literally smashes everything. Green Goliath knows how to make a joke out of powerful beings even Gods are not spared from the wrath of Hulk. Here are 10 instances when Hulk literally smashed the sh*t out of his enemies.

 1. Hulk made Loki cr*p his pants

Loki, the god of Mischief got one hell of a beating from the mighty Hulk. He literally smashed the Loki’s dream of world domination and shattered almost everything in Loki’s body. Asgardian must have remembered all thy Gods during his venture of picking up his fallen teeth. This “Puny God” scene from Avengers gave us an idea about how lethal Hulk can be.

 2. He almost killed the Thing from Fantastic Four

The rivalry between Hulk and The Thing is long known and quite debatable, one cant really who is more strong. The Thing’s might is not hidden from anyone; he has literally thwarted some of the powerful beings of the Universe and looks on par every time he fought Hulk but one good time Hulk literally killed The Thing if it wasn’t for Reed Richards who brought him back from the dead.

 3. Hulk’s hammering to the God of Thunder.

Strongest Avenger? Maybe not. There was this time when fans feasted their eyes when two might beings exchanged blows. Mjolnir yielder stood his ground very well and almost gave a fight to remember but eventually, He had an upper hand in the fight and he pulverized the God of Thunder.

 4. He did something extravaganza with asteroid

This instance is from Marvel comics when green giant broke hell on an asteroid that was about to hit the Earth. He smacked the asteroid so hard that broke into several smaller pieces and once again he saves the day, not to forget the asteroid that Hulk obliterated was twice the size of the Earth.

 5. Hulk’s frightening rage

Hulk rage is something even Gods are afraid of and why not? An angry Hulk is an unstoppable rampant being. Hulk’s rage directed and fueled by the events that happened on Saakar literally eradicated the population of USA. Hatred filled He stomped the entire continent and almost made it history, a gruesome history.

 6. Hulk’s strong dreams

What can we expect from one of the strongest being in the universe? He is not only strong but he even dreams strong. In a dream, He fought against his teammates and when he went one on one with Thor he literally smashed Mjolnir into pieces. What a dream we must say.

 7. Becomes stronger with intense emotions

No one can stop an angry Hulk. Hulk gets stronger when gets angrier and we have even witnessed such instances like stomping steps on the USA, beating of the God of mischief e.t.c. There is one such instance when green goliath fell in love and prevented a planet from breaking apart. This instance happened on Saakar when Red King almost crafted asteroids out of Saakar. This moment showed us that green giant works with other emotions too.

 8. He once yielded Mjolnir

Hulk's might

Only a person worthy enough can yield Mjolnir and in some crossover events, Wonder woman and Superman lifted Thor’s hammer because they were worthy enough. He is one of the few characters who lifted Mjolnir and that does not only makes him super strong but worthy enough too. There were also times when Hulk used Mjolnir against his rightful owner, Thor.

 9. He almost defeated Superman

Talk about crossover events, here is a gem for you. In a crossover event when two mighty warriors met, hell broke loose on that place. Both the super beings went on head to head and we all know Hulk somewhat love challenges, the same thing happened here too, He dominated Superman and was a  sure shot winner but some fool interrupted them and changed the whole fighting scenario but in fight it definitely  looked like that Hulk always had an upper hand on the mighty Superman.

 10. Hulk’s clap

Anyone who has seen Incredible Hulk must have wowed when he broke the supersonic wave machine with only his clap. In comics, Hulk’s clap has destroyed a whole universe that was ruled by an evil enemy. He has even torn down tanks when just his clap. Shockwaves coming out of that clap can even crumble down a whole universe if done properly and with the right intent.    

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