A Huge Game of Thrones Fan May Have Figured Out What Night’s King Actually Want

Game of Thrones is surely the biggest TV series we have ever seen. The entire world has fallen in love with this fantasy ancient history TV show but unfortunately, we have just 6 episodes of the show left to air, and then it will be done for eternity. It will be really interesting to see how Season 8 portrays the battle of the Dead and the living. Jon Snow vs. the Night King will be a battle we all would love to watch!

Jon Snow is rallying up the numbers for the greatest battle in history to take place, and he has united with “Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons” and together they have pleaded with Cersei Lannister to look at the bigger picture, and become an ally of the living against the army of the dead.

The Night King has already marched past the great wall as he now has a dead dragon in his armory that took down the wall like it was nothing! But what exactly is the plan behind his long march to the south? Is there a certain motive? What will he do when all the living are turned to the dead? The entire planet will be nothing but a land of the dead and there will be nowhere left to go from there on. Well, this is the motive behind his doings is what we all think. But a Game of Thrones Fan has come up with a theory that explains exactly why the Night King is on the move and what is the real motive behind the upcoming war.

The Redditor twerkmileyyy wrote a theory that states that The Night King is no one but Bran Stark himself and he is now headed towards God’s Eye, which is a giant lake which has The Isle of Faces. The reason for his march to the God’s Eye is that it’s the place where the first men of Westeros and the Children of the Forest made peace.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Here’s the full theory that this fan wrote on Reddit:

“I predict the Night King is going directly to the Gods Eye. Maybe he has been trying to reach the Gods Eye for centuries and man has always denied this passage. Therefore he has the mentality of removing all obstacles in his way. The Isle of Faces, in the middle of the Gods Eye, is where the pact between man and the COTF happened. The rich history of the COTF can be found here. Leaf was also present during this pact and the moment Bran reached the cave. That means they potentially have eternal life?

Either way them and the Night King live ridiculously long lives. There is something magical there that he has seen in his greensight visions. I know he has greensight because he can see Bran during his greensight and Worging abilities. Ultimately I think his end goal is to reach the Isles of Faces and use its magical properties to give life to his undead army. Eastwatch by the Sea is the closest part of the wall to the Gods Eye.

Harrenhall is on the northern shore of the Gods Eye. The writers have dropped hints about the Gods Eye for years and have always discussed the Riverlands with great detail. Also I think this is where Howland Reed makes his appearance in the show. He was the only cited character to be seen on the Isle of Faces, during the tournament of Harrenhall.”

Night King Real Purpose Probably Figured Out by a Game of Thrones Fan
Game of Thrones

This is really great but there still remains quite a lot of time for the show to air. It was recently announced that the show has finally finished filming forever. As we know, it is going to air in 2019. All good things must come to an end and so should Game of Thrones. Even though it is unfortunate that we won’t be getting more of the show, it is good to know that HBO has already greenlit 5 more prequel series which will focus upon an event that will happen way before Ned Stark chopped head in the first episode.

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