Guardians of The Galaxy – New Theory Suggests That Galactus is the Final Easter Egg

One of the best surprises Marvel had to give us was none other than Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel made a team of outcasts, brought in a director who was not very renowned before Guardians, green lit a script by him, and casted actors who were not that big, and turned them into mega movie stars by creating something really special and very close to our hearts. The first Guardians movie outdid our expectations in every way! It was the complete package of incredible action, stand out humor, heartfelt emotion and universe building.

It did a lot of things for the MCU as we saw the Universe of the MCU to expand from just Earth and Asgard, we started to care about a team that most people did not even know about until the movie came out, and most importantly, it gave us a very minute tease at what The Mad Titan could do to everyone in the future. It was filled with cameos, and tonnes of Easter Eggs referencing the Marvel Universe.

We got a cameo from the Mad Titan, Howard the Duck was introduced, The Collector was properly shown and Vol. 2 took that even further by exploring the cosmos way more than the first movie did. The Collector’s vault in particular was a treasure island of Easter Eggs as it set up and confirmed so many things about displaying stuff which we would normally not see in a Marvel movie. Easter Eggs like Cosmo the space dog, Adam Warlock’s cocoon, A Chitauri Soldier and many more were spotted in that Vault.

James Gunn treated this franchise as his little baby having the freedom to do whatever he wanted with the first movie. The direction that he took was loved by all. He really set up the big cosmic Universe of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Out of the many Easter Eggs that he added into the film, one of those he claims still remains hidden as people have not been able to spot that one.  

Well, a new Theory has come into light which suggests that this Easter Egg will finally end up setting up the origin story of Galactus. Yes we know that Galactus is owned by Fox, but the merger between Disney and Fox is more or less inevitable, which means after next year, Marvel could plan and set up Galactus to be the next big bad after Thanos very easily if everything goes right.

In the movie where the Collector was explaining the Guardians about all the Infinity Stones within the Universe, we got to see an unknown Celestial with a large staff who had the power stone studded upon it. He wipes out an entire civilization on a planet with just one little strike of his staff and what we see is just one survivor on the entire planet as you can see on the left of this image given below:

YouTuber Second Son has come up with a new theory relating this to be an origin story of the cosmic destroyer Galactus. If you look at the face of this alien individual with the Humanoid face, it seems to resemble a random frame from a comic book which is no ordinary one as it marked the origin for Galactus.

In the comics, an alien called the Galen of Taa was the sole survivor of a dying Universe and right before the end, Galen was called out by  the voice of the ‘Sentience of the Universe’ (literally the embodiment of the universe) having a predefined plan.

The two formed a pair and were born into the new reality in the form of a Cosmic Egg which hatched, giving birth to the new cosmic destroyer Galactus. Also, if you look at the staff with which an alien race was annihilated, it was similar to the helmet that Galactus usually wears. So we could potentially be seeing an altered origin story of Galactus using the Infinity Stones within the MCU.

Guardians of The Galaxy galactus

This seems highly unlikely to be true, but James Gunn is a master and plotting Easter Eggs as well all may have seen until now, so this is a play he could be aiming to give direction in the future. Let’s see if Mr Gunn confirms it to be true.  

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