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Only The Biggest Potter-Heads Can Answer These Questions about Hermione Granger!

It is impossible to talk about Harry Potter and not talk about his best friends who sacrificed so much for him and were always his support. Hermione Granger was not just another witch, she was the brightest witch of her age.

Hermione was always destined for greatness and the cursed child proves it. The sequel play often gets hate for existing but if it did one thing well then that was giving Hermione what she always deserved as a professional.

We all know she worked for social issues and welfare of elves even when she was still a student and later in life she achieves the highest position in the wizarding world and becomes the minister for magic. Hermione is one of the most important characters of the series as her mind and courage help Harry on countless occasions and she usually saves the day. Fortunately, the movies completely nailed the character and Emma Watson’s beautiful performance made us fall in love with her.

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