Ego Vs Thanos: This Will Go Down The Wire But..

The Titans rule our universe. For they possess such power that their actions are sometimes incomprehensible to the normal average human beings. They are known as Titans for a reason. Although Ego is a cosmic presence with unimaginable cosmic powers he is still going up against Thanos, the alien with nigh unlimited might and strength. The only being in the universe that can wield all the infinity stones vs the creature who houses a universe within him. Let’s see who wins:


There was once a mass in the black galaxy that slowly evolved into a planet. This mass was undiscovered and unknown and it slowly gained sentience and energy. When this ‘thing’ amassed enough energy it deemed itself Ego, the living planet. Ego’s first encounter with the Avengers was when Thor came to the black galaxy and had a fight with the living planet. Although ego possesses massive energy reserve and is essentially a sentient planet who harnesses cosmic energy for combat. Although the planet has such power he was no match Thor and his power of lightning. After the fight went on and both combatants fought to a standstill, Thor decided to raze the surface of Ego with his thunderstorms. This made Ego surrender and eventually give up in the face of overwhelming power.

Ego Vs Thanos

Ego’s next encounter with the Avengers was when Thor teamed up with him to take down Galactus, an enormous task to boot and definitely not something you’d ever want to go at alone. Thor gauged that Galactus was the bigger threat and teamed up with Ego to defend the living planet. Ego has also known to have a propulsion device attached to him by one of the heralds of Galactus, this kind of device allowed him fast travel but at a certain point also drove him Mad. This propulsion system also gives the living planet better maneuverability and faster-traveling speed. This allows the living planet to be just a little bit better at combat and also gives him the momentum he needs to withstand the gravitation force of our sun.

Ego is considered to be a menace in the comics but is largely considered an anti-hero. His actions have more purpose than just being ‘pure evil’. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not an upstanding creature (planet) by any definition of the phrase but his actions often involve survival and dominance rather than autonomous control of his universe. Ego is just a sentient mass who wants to stay that way and take over the black galaxy, slowly but surely.


Ego Vs Thanos

The tyrant of the dark quadrant and the creature wildly renowned throughout the universe as the Mad Titan is, in fact, a hybrid born of the Eternals The Eternals were a race created by the primary creatures of the Marvel comic-verse known only as the celestials. These celestials include beings we are already familiar with including the grandmaster and the collector. You see, the Celestials were the creators of all life in the Marvel comic-verse, or so the writers have led us to believe. Although these beings of supreme power populated the universe with complex life, along the way, they also realized that they had somewhat disturbed the balance of the universe in doing so. Hence, to correct their mistakes the celestials took to experimentation on the life they had so created, to judge it worthy enough to let it perpetuate itself or not. Hence, the segregation of the humans into three categories by the celestials.

Ego VS Thanos

The first were the beings who were a distorted image of the human life, a subterranean species that would become the source of rumours of trolls and monsters in the modern era. The second was the normal humans themselves that populated the planet earth. And lastly, the second variation of the human species was near perfect genetic beings known only as the Eternals. The Eternals were blessed with perfect genetic structure giving them perfect physical and mental attributes and longevity.

Ego Vs Thanos

These Eternals did not wish to occupy the same planet as with this of their primitive “ancestors” so they decided to leave the planet earth and occupied a moon of Saturn now named Titan. It was here that a child was born to the Eternals, a child with purple skin who would take up the name of the Greek God of death, Thanatos. This child grew up to be Thanos. His strength unrivalled and his intellect to match even the greatest of tacticians Thanos assumed command of not only Titan but the entirely of the dark quadrant, ruling with an iron fist. This Titan was not all brawn; he had love in him too. But this is Thanos we are talking about, so the object of his love can’t be as simple as a female.

 No sir, the entity Thanos fell in love with was Lady Death herself, or rather the personification of death. Lady death convinced her estranged and powerful lover that the universe was out of balance and the balance of life needed to be restored to the universe, the only way to do so was by wiping out half the life in all of existence and only this act would win Thanos Death’s favor. This is what instigated the Mad Titan’s hunt for the infinity stones and his pursue of absolute strength and tyranny.

Ego Vs Thanos

So what happens when the guy who has the power to conquer an entire universe decides to go against a living planet? Ideally speaking, nothing happens. I mean when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, what happens? Both get destroyed. It is something similar that is going to happen in this particular matchup. Even though Thanos is no stranger to destroying planets and entire civilisations with it, but taking on an entire planet capable of harnessing cosmic energy is a bit much for the Mad Titan.

Ego Vs Thanos

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Thanos’ biggest feat in the comics (besides killing off an entire universe with the snap of his fingers) is perhaps fighting the All-Father himself. We have seen Thanos hold his own against beings like Galactus and Odin. He has even fought the All-Father to a standstill, what this means is that Thanos’ might is unparalleled when it comes to taking on beings far superior to him and he is a creature with exceptional levels of intelligence so his strategies are impeccable.

Ego, on the other hand, is a planet full of malice and destruction. He will devour anything that lands on him and Ego’s intelligence is also at par with that of the Mad Titan. Ego has devoured civilizations one after another; he has continued to do it to the point that the Avengers had to assemble against him. This is unprecedented and surprising considering Ego is the kind of creature that will never make it to the radar of the Terran superheroes, let alone go against their combined might.

Ego Vs Thanos
Ego Vs Thanos

So what happens when these creatures battle? Well, it’s really likely that the Mad Titan will come out on top. I mean it’s not like he hasn’t faced anyone with the power levels of Ego, he has. He has even won against some of these creatures, but going up against an entire planet is a feat he’s yet to achieve. Apart from the fact that Ego’s sheer energy is enough to blow away someone like the Mad Titan we also have to factor in the fact that if given enough time, Thanos can take down anyone (as the Thanos solo series has cleared up in recent years). So Ego is just another obstacle that Thanos needs to take down, just another benchmark that the Mad Titan is yet to reach.

The living planet has no idea what’s coming to him, moreover, he has no idea how he’s going to die a slow death as Thanos looms over his lifeless stone existence. The short version? Thanos wins.

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