Chris Hemsworth Takes On Rest Of The Avengers

Chris Hemsworth gets on all cranky when he sees a bunch of Marvel Action figures placed on a table. “Oh this is cute. What did you guys plan with your dolls here? A little fight scene going on is it? A little choreographed setup.” He then makes some savage jokes on Hawkeye’s importance and his costume.

Chris Hemsworth appear in Thor Ragnarok later this year!

Subtly he puts in the comment stating, “There’s no Thor toy here. Is that on purpose or what?” A voice from a crewmember tells that this is the Civil War kind of scene. “Oh yes, Civil War, No Thor”, exclaims the Asgardian. He then picks up the Captain America action figure and says,” Look at me, I’m an idiot.” Joking around he says,” Let me tell you what would happen if there was actually a fight between us all. His Hammer comes into scene with it’s sound and he hits the Captain America toy saying “Oh, look at me I’m Captain America and I got smashed over there like a fly”, he then hits Iron Man.

Here’s the link for the video posted by him:

“He’s just a kid, he can fall over. He’s not even real”, he picks on Spider-Man and Vision. He also jokes about Peter Quill, Falcon, Black Widow, Black Panther and the Winter Soldier’s action figures. In the end he picks up Hulk’s action figure and says, “You can stay with me now, cause we are mates” The other big thing to take notice of is that Thor has his hammer in Infinity War. Recently a picture too was posted from the sets of Infinity War with a man wielding Mjolnir the caption worthy. There is a speculation though if it would be the basic Mjolnir or the Ultimate Mjolnir, which is an axe hammer or his hammer from the comics.

Whatever may be the case, this light humor filled video of Thor, before Ragnarok’s release also teasing stuff from Infinity War is truly a treat to the fans.

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