5 Major Characters That Have Been Wasted in Marvel Cinematic Universe

With each year passing, Marvel Cinematic Universe is rolling out new plans and bringing new characters in films and on television. With a procession of heroes in films and the sheer level of adaptation from comics, the franchise has already built a traction of users worldwide. As MCU plans more movies in the next decade, it would need to recruit more actors for its comic characters. Looking closely into the MCU films, you might not know that some characters seem to be under-utilised. Some of the characters are not utilized like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk. We bring you three MCU characters who were wasted in the films or sometimes fall by the wayside.

1. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes


The character of Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes was originally played by Terence Howard, the character served as a close friend to Tony Stark – played by Robert Downey Jr. In Iron Man 2, Don Cheadle was recast in the film in the place of Howard. Rhodes worked in five MCU movies. He was not a superhero until he became War Machine in Iron Man 2. In the middle of the drunken episode, Rhodes dons one of the Iron Man suits to defeat Tony. In all the movies he has come he is given less to do.

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