Wonder Woman 2 Set Video Shows Diana Flying Her Infamous Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman 2 has been under production for the last few days and those days have given us a lot of coverage from the sets that shine a light on the plot of the second movie. The first movie as we all know became the highest grossing female-led Superhero movie ever as it brought in over $800 Million worldwide. This was the first all-around success for Warner Bros when it comes to the DC shared films Universe as all other films lacked critics’ approval even though they did fine at the Box Office.

Patty Jenkins brought life to this Amazon princess in the origin story and we all loved what the first movie brought on the table. It was a hopeful, inspiring and badass at the same time. Moreover, the chemistry of Steve Trevor and Diana was one of the big highlights of this film. We will get a similar romance set up in Wonder Woman 1984 as Steve Trevor is back on the sets of the sequel as well.

This may be confusing for the fans as Trevor was presumed dead in the plane explosion in the previous film and out of nowhere, almost 70 years later, we see Trevor totally fine. It does bring so many questions into our mind like, if he did survive the explosion then how has he aged so slowly? Was he resurrected? Does Wonder Woman 2 pull off a Captain America 2 keeping Steve frozen similar to Bucky? Is there any sort of magic involved? Is time travel going to play a role in the movie? Is this the same version of Steve Trevor or is it actually a clone or a descendant? Well, we will surely get the answers to all these when the movie comes out.

Just yesterday, we got to see a video from the sets of Wonder Woman 1984 which showed a fully brown Riot at the streets of Washington which made us feel that The Capitol is going to explode. It seemed that Steve Trevor somehow got injured in that riot and Diana tried to take get to safety. Now, a new set photo is out and we can see Diana in costume dressed as Wonder Woman, and she is tied to a harness seems to be holding something in her hands, which makes many of believe that it is the controller of the infamous Invisible Jet of Wonder Woman.

If we look closely at Wonder Woman in this video, we may notice that when she is in flow, she seems to be sitting down and piloting something. There is a lot of smoke around, and the cars seem to be going haywire with the effects of the Jet, but the fact that this stunt is happening so close to the ground within the city does not support the cause of the jet. Still, there could be a situation where Diana needs to fly the jet so low, but who knows.

The Invisible Jet also raises the questions about its absence from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League as the Jet did not show up in those movies, but was there back in 1984. This would need some convincing. But if the Jet is involved in here somehow, then the fans of the movie will surely get something amazing to look at.

Wonder Woman 2


Wonder Woman 1984 seems to be a political thriller as Diana is going to take on the Soviet Union during the waning days of Cold War. We are also going to see a new villain in the movie in the name of Cheetah, and Kristen Wiig has been attached to that role. We haven’t seen a set photo of her in the adversary against Diana, so it is not yet clear that her get up will fully involve prosthetics, makeup, and Costume or will it be fully CGI, or it could also be a mixture of both. A mix of CGI and a practical costume could actually work really well.

Wonder Woman 1984 will open up in theatres on November 1, 2019. Hopefully, we will witness another cracker of a movie which is both inspiring and entertaining and really big on the action and adventure.

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