Did Black Panther Intentionally Tease Bucky As Marvel’s Next Captain America?

Black Panther was utterly groundbreaking as it brought in so many things into the mix of an already vast Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the highest rated Comicbook movie ever and it is also on track to be the highest grossing Superhero origin movie as it has already broken the record of an earning the most out of all the Superhero origin movies in the opening Weekend.

Ryan Coogler (Creed) was the guy chosen by Marvel to direct this epic superhero outing and he totally nailed it. He was the first Black man to have ever been at the helm of a major Marvel movie and he proved that the African American community is incredibly talented and vibrant whether it’s onscreen or offscreen.

Throughout the movie, a fan would surely have a smile stuck to their face, and in the scenes where things get serious, one would feel it. Every bit that Ryan Coogler tried to convey through this movie was conveyed. It was a cultural masterpiece and the entire team just nailed it on their parts. You cannot ask for anything better than this. The wait was totally worth it. It comes out with a lot of surprising twists throughout the story and people would love it without a doubt.

One of the things that Black Panther brought was the return of Bucky Barnes. As we all saw that T’Challa helped Bucky and Cap at the end of Civil War, and he put Bucky into cryo-sleep until his scrambled brain could be fixed by Shuri. Well, towards the end in the 2nd post credits scene, we saw 3 Wakandan children staring at someone in a playful manner. Then they run out of the tent they are in as that someone wakes from his sleep. The children call this man the ‘White Wolf’. As the scene rolls, we see Bucky come out of that tent and he is confronted by Shuri. We also saw that Bucky is still missing an arm and Shuri then tells Bucky that he has a lot to learn, which was clearly teasing the upcoming threat that bestows upon them, and setting up Infinity War.

If we notice properly over here, it was a very smart tease made in the scene. Bucky was wearing Wakandan clothing which was red-ish in color, and in the pace of his missing arm, he had a blue colored string. So he was looking a mix of red blue and white which are the colors of Captain America. This may very well be a tease of what we could expect in the future.

Bucky has been there right from the start of the first Captain America movie, and his character arc has always been built towards taking on the role of Captain America in the future. This has been so many times, as in all the three Captain America movies, there has been a scene where Bucky uses Cap’s Shield in combat at least once. In Civil War, there was even a deleted scene where Bucky said, “I’ve gotta get me one of those” referring to the shield as he used it in the Airport Battle as well.

So, if Bucky takes on the mantle of Captain America once Chris Evans is done with the role, it would mean that Falcon will remain Falcon only. But anything is possible as Bucky was called the ‘White Wolf’ in the post credits scene. So this could mean that Bucky could don the alter ego of White Wolf in the future movies and become one of Black Panther’s most trusted soldiers.

According to what is being teased since three movies, Bucky has been indicated to become the future Captain America, but in the current scenario, where Bucky now owes a big debt to T’Challa who has helped him unscramble his brain, he could serve T’Challa as the White Wolf. This would mean that Falcon could take on the mantle of Captain America if Chris Evans does not get his contract renewed in the future. What do you guys think of this? Will Bucky take on the mantle of Captain America in the future or will he be the white wolf? Tell us in the comments.

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