The God of Symbiotes ‘Venom’ Has Gained New Powers That Will Blow Your Mind

When the Spider-Man comics first hot the shelves even the creation of the character could not have gained the population Peter Parker will reach one day. The charger was an instant hit with the readers. The nerds who read comics instantly associated themselves and related to the character of Peter Parker and moreover were able to identify with the character because the writers chose to display such large amounts of thoughts when writing the Spider-Man comics.

Maybe this was the reason that when push finally came to some regarding choosing a primary antagonist for Spider-Man the writers went for the classic nerd bully click. This contrast is readily apparent when we see Venom go against Spider-Man. The symbiote is the perfect and absolute opposite of Peter Parker. Eddie Brock is fueled by hate and anger while Spider-Man works on kindness, responsibility, and humility. The charger of Venom stems front evil while Parker stands for everything that is good in this world.

But characters rarely have a one-dimensional personality when it comes to comics. The same is true for Venom. When you survive for as long as Venom has in the comics you’re liable and inclined to be changed by the writers more or less over the years and different comic arcs. We see this happening in the new Venom series too, where the black symbiote will try to take on a dormant evil, something that has been lurking in the dark for centuries.

Read closely as I iterate and break down the new Venom comic series for you where your favorite anti-hero symbiote takes on a symbiote God who has been lying dormant deep underground New York City since time immemorial.


Heroes, this word has many interpretations. Nobody can be classified as a hero of they are not protecting something. It is also a very relative term since anybody can be a hero. Even a villainous alien symbiote who has caused more destruction than probably any other villain in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. The new Venom comic will see Eddie Brooke and Venom take on a symbiote God and to take on this evil from the dawn of time your favorite symbiote is being buffed up by writers.

To illustrate just what we mean I share with you this image of the firefight from Venom#6 where we can see Venom taking on the symbiote God.

It is yet unclear what kind of innovative thoughts Venom writers have come up with. Since the revamp of the Marvel cinematic universe and the release of infinity war Marvel seeks to capture the comic industry too. Maybe that is the reason they are buffing classic characters like Venom and Wolverine. Cornering the market by buffing the badasses, to sell the ‘cool’ factor or the ‘gore’ markets. Everyone likes good action, especially in comics, so why not give to the characters who are willing to use it.

The Venom comics have done well for Marvel in the past and with now Sony making a movie on the villain (or should we say anti-hero) we may yet see a redemption story in comics. Seeing as tom hardy has taken up the role for Sony, they may seek to develop the story longer than a stand-alone movie, and it will definitely not hurt to have more source material to draw from. Not in the least, if both parties make money.

Venom has been a fan favorite, both in the capacity of an anti-hero and a villain, maybe because of the duality of the character and the protagonist (Spider-Man) works so well. This new series by Marvel definitely seems like one you should keep your eye on. Who k own what makes it to the silver screen in this day and age. Maybe if we don’t see the five symbiotes in the Venom movie we will come across the reference of this symbiote God (considering that every character that Marvel now associates with the Venom is now owned by Sony as far as movies are concerned).

The God of Symbiotes 'Venom' Has Gained New Powers That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you have any thoughts on what the new power of Venom and Eddie Brock would be? Or do you have unique thoughts about the above panel? Well then, don’t be shy, comment below what you think about Venom and this new series by Marvel.

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