10 Insane Superpowers of Thanos We Bet You Had No Idea About

Thanos made us feel his presence in a major way, and he left a huge impact on us. we have been left deeply scarred and waiting desperately for Avengers 4. But how is Thanos so powerful? He is literally worshipped as a God by several alien beings scattered throughout the universe. Is Thanos really a God? How powerful is he really? Presenting 10 Unexpected Superpowers of Thanos that we bet you had no idea about…

He is an Eternal and a Deviant

Thanos was born as an Eternal to Mentor and Sui-San. But his genes also contained that of the Deviants, the sworn enemies of the Eternal race. Eternals were genetic experiments born out of Celestial’s experimenting on humanity. They have super strength, energy manipulation powers, teleportation abilities, force field generation and many more abilities. Since he is also a Deviant, Mad Titan is bigger and stronger than any known Eternal. He has further enhanced his abilities using bionic prostheses. His goal is to re-balance the universe; assemble the gauntlet, destroy half of the universe and rule the rest under his dominion.

He can absorb and project energy

Thanos’ Eternal genes allow him to manipulate energy on a godlike level. He can emit energy in the form of concussive blasts to destroy anything in his path or use it to create an invulnerable force field. Thanos’ Energy beams are so amazingly powerful that they once stopped Galactus in his track. There isn’t a single Avenger or Guardian who can stand in front of him and remain alive for a minute except maybe Captain Marvel.

He is invulnerable (like nothing you have ever seen)

Remember Black Bolt, the Inhuman King? He stays quiet because his screams are powerful enough to rip the space-time fabric. Thanos has survived three of his screams at point blank range. The Mad Titan has survived assaults from Thor and Odin without even a scratch and dusted off the attack from the Silver Surfer and Galactus. This guy cannot be hurt. He is an unstoppable cosmic deviant who is monstrously powerful.

He has serious martial arts skills

The trailers showing Thanos gong toe to toe with the best fighters the MCU has to offer and winning isn’t just for show. As an Eternal, Thanos already has the greatest fighting techniques the world has to offer at his disposal. Combine that with his cybernetic enhancements and a genius level intelligence to read his opponent’s moves, Thanos is unstoppable. He can take on Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America single-handedly without having to resort to his superpowers.


Thanos isn’t just impervious to physical attacks; he is good at shielding himself from mental ones too. Mad Titan has the ability of telepathy. He has used this power to turn the Avengers against each other, drive a sentient being insane with a mere gesture and shield himself from the Galaxy’s greatest telepaths like Moon Dragon and Mantis. Apart from physical power, he can use psychological warfare against his opponents as well.

Matter Manipulation

Mad Titan has the power to manipulate matter at the atomic level. He has used this power to turn one of his own henchmen Skragg, a Skrull member of the mercenary group called the Thanos-Thralls into stone. Skragg got into Thanos’ bad side and he was quickly obliterated, literally. Will we see this ability in Infinity War??


The guy literally can’t die. While he is an Eternal and all Eternals live up to a long, long time as they are immune to disease and aging, Thanos’ case is a bit different. On the quest to court Lady Death, Thanos irked her and she banned him from ever entering her realm, meaning Thanos cannot die….ever!!

He is a Sorcerer

Thanos is a well-known practitioner and one of the Universe’s greatest experts of the supernatural arts. But is he a wizard on par with Doctor Strange? That is something we can only hope he is not. Mad Titan, in the comics, has used his spellcasting powers to make Deadpool immortal once he found out that Lady Death was attracted to Wade. By making Deadpool immortal, he ensured that Death and Wade can never be together since he can never die and pass on to Death’s realm.


In the comic books, Mad Titan has achieved omnipotence more than once. The ability to be everywhere and know everything is what makes a God and Thanos have done it over and over again. While it may not be classified as a superpower of Thanos, he has managed to do it so many times and in a way so flawless which the other villains could only dream of.

The Cosmic Cubethanos superpowers

The Cube made its first appearance in The First Avenger in the MCU which was later retconned to be the Space Stone. While the Gauntlet requires all the six Infinity Stones to turn the wielder into a God, the Cosmic Cube can do it all by itself. Whoever holds the cube gains mastery over all forms of matter and energy, becoming a lord of order and chaos.

But controlling the Cosmic Cube and using it requires some firsthand knowledge otherwise it will eat you alive. Each Cube also has some form of sentience and they might refuse your commands if they don’t feel like it. Thanos has acquired a Cosmic Cube in the comics and has even managed to tame it completely to do his bidding.

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